We are intimately connected with all that exists beyond physical time and space – with the spirits, ancestors, and ancient knowledges living in the lands, waters, our bodies, and the stars.

Many people’s encounters with the unseen realms are hidden away, often silenced by self-doubts and fears, often buried beneath worries about what others will think.

We lose touch with heart-opening magic and mystery. We disconnect from the healing, learning, and guidance that are readily available, surrounding us, touching us, just waiting to be received, each and every day.

Your experiences with the nonlinear realms may come through dreams, through connection with loved ones who have died, in encounters with animals or trees or birds or rocks or bodies of water, through ceremony and meditations, in getting close up with death and birth.

Your stories deserve sacred space and expression.

Join me for ceremony, story-sharing, and art-making. Discover the gifts and medicines ready to be gathered up from your personal experiences. What healing and guidance does this bring to your life now at this particular time on the earth?

Together, we remember who we really are and reweave our connection in the vast and extraordinary web of life.


Spirit Stories & Healing Art • Online Retreat • July 16 & 17

Registration is closed…join us next time!