Apprenticeship in Ka Ta See & Throwing of the Bones

“The apprenticeship program with JoAnne was a great gift I gave myself. She presented me with concrete skills and ceremonies to help me take the next steps into a deeper relationship with my truest self/my heart knowing.” -V.V.

“Through this experience, I have learned the tools to live a life filled with pure intention, beauty, and connection to spirit.” – A.G.


Remember who you really are. Let go of all that you’re not. Experience first-hand the ancient ceremonial ways of Ka Ta See to awaken your Song and deepen your connection with life.

In the Apprenticeship Program, you will experience and learn traditional ceremonial ways that have been lived for tens of thousands of years among tribal peoples. The elders shared the gifts of their way of life to empower our personal awakening and to bring balance to the earth. Harmony, equity, unconditional love, Song to Song relationships – these are the ways of living in balance, ka ta see.

The ancient ceremonies and spirit journeys, the traditional teachings and tools, are self-empowering processes you can readily bring into your life. Live centered in your heart. Free yourself from judgments and fears. Build loving, respectful relationships. Cultivate clear communication with the spirit world.

Contact JoAnne for more information about the Apprenticeship Program.

Personal apprenticeships can be arranged.

Interested in learning the healing art of Throwing the Bones?

Chea Hetaka, a Ka Ta See elder, describes Bone Throwing as the oldest form of divination on our earth. In the Bone Throwing Apprenticeship, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into the traditional ways for creating your personal medicine bundles. You’ll learn the intricate, fascinating, complex dynamics of throwing bones.

Studying the Bones is filled with magic, joy, healing, adventure, and the weaving of connection with both the linear and non-linear realms in everyday life.

The Bone Throwing Apprenticeship offers countless new doorways for enriching and deepening your personal healing and transformation. You’ll be cultivating intimate and lifelong relationships with your spirit guides – a gift beyond measure.

I am deeply honored to share these ancient medicine ways with you.

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“Thank you, JoAnne, so much for sharing your vast and deep knowings of the ways of Ka Ta See and your gentleness in guiding the teachings, the learnings, the healings.” – M.H.


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