Apprenticeship in Ka Ta See & Throwing of the Bones

“The apprenticeship program with JoAnne was a great gift I gave myself. She presented me with concrete skills and ceremonies to help me take the next steps into a deeper relationship with my truest self/my heart knowing.” -V.V.

“Through this experience, I have learned the tools to live a life filled with pure intention, beauty, and connection to spirit.” – A.G.


New Apprenticeship Group opens in Fall 2020

3 weekend gatherings in NM

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Individual Apprenticeship Studies can also be arranged


Remember the beauty of your Song.

Deepen your connectedness with all life.

Our Apprenticeship Program offers the foundational teachings and ceremonies of Ka Ta See. You will be learning ancient medicine ways that have been lived for tens of thousands of years among tribal peoples. The elders brought their ways out to empower our personal awakening and to bring balance to the earth. Balance, equity, harmony, freedom, heart-centered ways of living – these are the ways of Ka Ta See.

Every ceremony and spirit journey you experience first-hand in this program are tools you can bring into your everyday life. You will be reweaving your wholeness, remembering who you really are, freeing yourself from judgments, fears, and limiting beliefs. You will be cultivating clear connection and communication with the spirit world. You will be awakening boundless potentials for creating your authentic life, for living and relating in heart-centered ways.

Visit here for more information about the traditional ceremonies and spirit journeys that you will be experiencing.

This program includes the studies to begin your apprenticeship with Throwing of the Bones. Throwing of the Bones Ceremony is one of the great passions of my life. I am deeply honored to share the teachings of this ancient medicine way with you.

Bone Throwing in the ways of Ka Ta See is an ancient divination ceremony and healing art. To apprentice as a Bone Thrower involves learning much more than a particular technique. You will be learning this ceremony as an integral part of the Ka Ta See lineage, in the ways of living in balance as shared by the elders.

I’m deeply honored to share this journey with you.

Manaole U Manaole,
from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart,

“Thank you, JoAnne, so much for sharing your vast and deep knowings of the ways of Ka Ta See and your gentleness in guiding the teachings, the learnings, the healings.” – M.H.


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A Gift For You!

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