Healing & Wholeness

Restore your wholeness.

Remember who you are, beyond the woundings.

Learn effective ways to free yourself from patterns left behind by trauma ~ judgments and fears, overwhelm and exhaustion, fight or flight reactions, feeling frozen and powerless, using addictions to disconnect and numb.

Awaken and remember the beauty of who you are.

Feel your belonging and connectedness.

Root more deeply in your passions, creativity, purposes and joy.

Bring empowering healing processes into your everyday life. 

Personal Healing Retreat

We’ll design a 3-5 day retreat for you…

• Reweave balance and well-being from the inside out.

• Free yourself from emotional patterns, behaviors, and beliefs left behind by traumatic experiences.

• Experience and learn ancient healing ceremonies that you can bring into your life to continue your healing.

• You don’t have to re-live traumatic experiences in order to heal.

We can meet in person in Santa Fe and with online sessions.

“JoAnne is a powerful and potent healer. She embodies unconditional love and acceptance and being in her presence allows me to feel and connect with that more within myself. JoAnne communicates from her integrity and creates such a safe space.” ~ M.C.

“Working with JoAnne has brought me home. The ceremonial teachings that JoAnne shares are different than anything I’ve been shown previously. Freedom is available with the shedding of patterns, where my true self shines.” ~ K.S.