Live in Balance from Your Heart

Awaken the callings of your heart. Clarify next steps in your path. Weave harmony and balance in relationships with yourself, one another, our earth, and all life. JoAnne Dodgson guides transformative journeys for personal and collective healing. Living in heart-centered ways creates a heart-centered world.

Personal Retreat: Healing & Wholeness

  • We’ll design a 3-5 day retreat for you…
  • Reweave balance and well-being from the inside out.
  • Remember who you are, beyond the woundings.
  • Learn effective ways to free yourself from out-of-balance patterns.
  • Bring empowering healing processes into your everyday life.


  • Receive personal guidance to learn and experience ancient healing ceremonies.
  • Remember your belonging and natural ways of being. Let go of patterns that keep you hidden and hiding. Heal the effects of woundings.
  • Create enriching relationships with the earth and spirit realms.
  • Live in balance from your heart.

Throwing the Bones Ceremony

Bone Throwing is an ancient divination ceremony and healing art. Each bone in the ceremonial bundle is the home for a particular spirit, including Coyote, River, Buffalo, Butterfly, Dolphin, Spider, and Raven.

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Spirit Card Readings

Spirits have boundless guidance and healing to share. You just have to ask. Take a moment to center in yourself. Hold your question gently in your mind and heart. Soak in the medicine from the spirits.

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Mentorship: Sacred Art of Ceremony

Is your heart calling for deeper connection with the sacredness of life, with earth, ancestors, and spiritual guidance? Are you searching for ways to honor life passages? Interested in making altars and medicine items?

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“JoAnne offers something rare in this world: genuine, authentic, and compassionate humanity. She masterfully weaves together intellect, intuition, and tradition which was medicine to my weary mind and soul. Her ability to hold space for her students is bar none. I am profoundly grateful for JoAnne, her wisdom, and her contribution to building a more harmonious world.” ~ J.D.

Unconditional Love

Listen to ancient teachings about the medicine of Unconditional Love. Love without conditions is a boundless field of energy that is free of judgments and filled with honoring, acceptance, and respect. Awaken unconditional love within you, in your life, and in our world.


The elders shared their way of life to empower our personal awakening and to bring balance to the earth. Remember who you really are. Free yourself from judgments and fears. Build loving, respectful relationships. Cultivate clear communication with the spirit world. Experience first-hand ancient ceremonial ways.

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“JoAnne is a powerful and potent healer. She embodies unconditional love and acceptance and being in her presence allows me to feel and connect with that more within myself. JoAnne communicates from her integrity and creates such a safe space to share within. I would highly recommend working with JoAnne to anyone seeking self-empowerment.” ~ M.C.