Elders say the wheel of life is turning in the direction of regeneration, a time to re-seed our inner landscapes and physical world with love, harmony, and balance. The out-of-balance ways are coming undone and falling apart. We are standing in a threshold between worlds. How can we move with these currents of change to re-vision, re-member, and re-seed balance in our world?

In a recent ceremony, spirits are showing that we’ve barely touched our toes in the waters of healing. We have limiting beliefs about healing and transformation, how these processes happen, who is involved, and what outcomes can be.

Some common beliefs that distort change-making and healing:

• No pain, no gain.
• You (or they) are the problem, the pathology, the broken.
• Physical, external, measurable evidence is the only proof that something has shifted.
• Experts are somebody other than you.
• Healing and change-making are arduous and painful, requiring sacrifice and suffering.
• If you (or they) don’t change or heal, you or those people or that person is a failure.
• War is the answer. It’s essential to condemn and go to war against the illness or people or species or places on the planet in order for personal and collective changes to take place.

This is our moment to open our minds and hearts to what exists beyond the same old same old patterns. We’ve been sold distorted pictures of what health, happiness, and well-being look like and how they are attained. We’ve been told the out-of-balance ways, the destruction and harm, are “just how it is” and “how it’s always been,” as if these patterns are unchangeable and the only options we have.

This is our moment to lift the veil and search beyond. The spirits are giving us a nudge, an empowering invitation, to set off on a quest. We can claim beautiful potentials and share colorful, creative visions of a wildly diverse humanity building relationships with love and respect. We can search for and innovate effective ways to tend to woundings, toxicity, and losses for ourselves, each other, and our earth.

The spirits are offering their guidance and companionship. We just have to ask for help, and open our hearts to connect and receive.

We are being offered generous gifts from ancestors ~ their ancient knowledges, healing ways, and understandings of living in respectful relationship with the whole of the earth.

We are in touch everyday with vast lineages of embodied knowledge about how change and transformation unfold. This immense field of knowledge lives in the body of the earth, in the trees and rocks and rivers and whales, in you and me, in the spiraling dance of planets, moons, and stars. There’s so much knowing about how to live in balance already within us and all around. For countless centuries and through eons of time, life on this planet has been weaving and dismantling, repairing and replenishing, the web of life over and over again.

We’re standing at the edge of vast oceans on the cusp of a changing world. Keep touching your toes in the healing waters. Take another step and explore. In this threshold time between worlds, a doorway is opening to a universe of potentials.

Welcome the wonder and mystery as you play around with possibilities of non-warring, non-pathologizing, judgment-free, and regenerative remedies, healing technologies, and heart-centered ways of living.

Each and every shift any one of us makes has wide-ranging ripple effects ~ an inspiration, a learning, a letting go, a sharing, a longing to find out more, one simple step in the direction of healing, a fiber of connection weaving together and bringing to life what seemed impossible before.