Spiritual Counseling

Healing is a spiral path, a natural flow of transformation moving toward growth, balance, and holistic well-being.

Your heart can heal. Your wholeness can be rewoven.

Clarity can be found for navigating next steps in your life path.

Letting go, dying away, and completions of cycles are just as essential as birthings and beginnings in organic cycles of change.

Healing flourishes when you are seen and heard, nourished by connection, understanding, and guidance.

It is an honor to offer sacred space for you and your healing process.

Our sessions can be held in person and online.

“I worked with JoAnne during a time of major transition. JoAnne combined a number of qualities — compassion, non-judgment, insight, and the unwavering belief that I’d land on my feet — to help me to find the right next step on my path. JoAnne’s wonderful ability to hold a caring space for transformation is a great gift to anyone who receives it.” ~ S.L.

A Gift for You: Finding Your Song Ceremony

Remember your natural way of being. Feel again the beauty of who you really are.

Song Ceremony

The elders describe your Song as your natural way of being, your genuine self, the knowing of who you really are.

Your Song can be remembered and felt again, even after years of being hidden beneath judgments, stress, lies, and fears.

Everything is alive and has a Song ~ each and every tree, stone, bird, butterfly, human, starfish, river, planet, and grain of sand.

Everyone’s unique Song is in relationship with the Songs of all others, interacting and sharing in the dance of creation, weaving the web of life.

Settle into a quiet space and enjoy…


Manaole U Manaole,

from my heart to the heart of our mother earth to your heart,


“JoAnne offers something rare in this world: genuine, authentic, and compassionate humanity. She sees you in a way that is uniquely hers and lovingly asks all the right questions to help you distinguish yourself from the narrative of pain you’ve been replaying throughout your life.” ~ J.D.