I’m moving home. It’s a big leap ~ from here to there, bridging endings with beginnings, and reorienting my inner landscape in relationship with the physical world.

My quests for home, to find my people, to live my passions and purposes, have led to many shifts through the years. There have been grand adventures, great challenges, and a whole bunch of twists and turns and circling back around in the spiraling path of my life.

I’ve had to move through some grief to keep moving with these current changes. Curiosity fills me now about why this particular place is calling me home – and way more in town than I have lived for many years.

When talking with a friend about all the pavement and cement, the craziness of traffic, the urban-ness of it all, while questioning how I’d find wide open spaces, dark night skies, and heartfelt connection with the earth, she looked at me with a playful glint in her eyes. “You know,” she said, “there is land there.” Belly laughs are healing medicine.

This move was initiated in a magical place and has been held in a space of support and loving care from all realms ever since. About a month ago, I was hiking on the land that has been calling me back again and again for the past twenty years. Many adventures, so much ceremony, and countless beyond-words-beautiful experiences have happened there.

On this particular hike, as I got close to the ancient rock formations, I crossed paths with a herd of deer. I stood quietly in awe watching them watching me. Slowly lifting my phone out of my bag, I took a couple photos. Curious if there was cell service way out here, I turned off the airplane mode. A text message came through from a friend about her friend who had a place available in Santa Fe. My friend’s excitement was palpable. And this was the first option to come about in months of searching.

A couple days later, I went to see the house. There were many things I loved. There were other things that evoked some worry. Still I recognized the gifts this unexpected situation was offering – the kindness and clarity of everyone involved, living closer to friends, the river just across the road, the miles of walking and biking trails nearby.

As I drove away from the house, pondering possibilities, I felt deep shiftings being shaken alive. The old had to drop away in order to welcome the new.

Wiping away tears, I noticed the car in front of me had a Michigan license plate. Threads of connection were being woven with my birthplace where my family’s roots run deep. In his casual and humorous ways, even in spirit, my dad let me know he was watching over. I felt wrapped in a field of reassurance, a circle of care with an expansive reach of many hands and hearts across the land and through time.

Another mile up the road, a buffalo herd was grazing on tribal lands. I hadn’t seen them in months (or in the weeks since). My heart soared with the buffalo, their spirits circling around creating sacred space for taking steps in a new direction toward home.

Once I pack up my boxes and move out of my house, my dear friends will be moving in. For them, this is a magical full circle return to a place they’d lived some years ago before we ever met.

Life is a spiraling dance filled with mystery and wonder. Sometimes we just have to leap to find our next landing place.


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