Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Reclaiming lost pieces of your spirit is a journey to wholeness. Heal the effects of trauma related with physical and emotional injuries, abuse, violence, oppression, loss, and other challenging life circumstances and events.

Something’s missing. This unsettling feeling may keep you searching out-there trying to fill up the emptiness and soothe the overwhelm. Addictions, numbing out, and busyness are common attempts to cope and bury the pain. These are also signs of a hunger for deeper healing of the wounding. The parts of you that feel lost and out of reach can be remembered and reclaimed.

Re-membering who you really are, trusting your inner knowings, embodying your body, feeling at home in yourself and your life – these are the healing potentials of Soul Retrievals.

The traumatic events do not need to be re-lived or recalled in order to heal. The focus is on clearing away the effects of the trauma and reweaving the integrity of your body, heart, mind, and spirit. You can be free from the bindings of the past and live your life fully in the here and now.

With Soul Retrieval Ceremony guided in the traditional ceremonial ways, you will learn how to continue this effective healing process on your own. You are empowered as your own healer.

“I continue to have profound realizations since my soul retrieval journey. Thanks so much.” ~ C.D.