Solstice is a particular alignment between our earth and sun, a cosmic happening that shapes unique seasonal shifts in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. For centuries, humans have been honoring Solstice in remarkable ways in diverse cultures and lands.

In a recent ceremonial gathering, the spirits shared a vivid teaching about the Solstice that is currently unfolding. While moving into summer and winter seasons, we are also moving through thresholds of a much more expansive cycle of change. A new era for humanity and our earth is being birthed, leaving behind the imbalances and re-creating harmony in our lives and on our earth.

Spirits indicate there is a vital element, along with the earth and sun, involved in these Turning of the Times. That essential element is You!

Spirits describe you, each of us personally, as the initiators of the change-making and as birthers of the new cycle. The earth and the human collective follow the momentum of change each individual sets.

In other words, you are leading the way. How you move through cycles of change, when and what healing and transformation you pursue, the thoughts and actions and words you choose in ordinary moments of your everyday life shape what emerges on our earth.

Personal empowerment and choiceful engagement in crafting personal and collective change are very different than blaming and shaming those who are “the problem” and waiting for “that person/those people” to change.

Intentionally birthing respectful, loving, harmonious ways of living is very different than waiting for somebody else to figure it out or giving up because it feels impossible to have any meaningful effect.

The spirits are unwavering in their knowing that who you are being and how you live each day have wide-ranging ripple effects on our earth, in the human collective, for the generations now and to come on our planet.

Balance. Well-being. Crystal clear ocean waters. Dismantling unjust justice systems and ending addictions to war.

Passion. Adventure. Clarity in your path. Nourishing food systems. Equity and respect among diverse peoples and species. Freedom. Creativity. Love.

Listen for the changes you want to experience. Feel the callings of your heart.

Remember and reclaim what you want for your life, for others, for all life on our earth ~ freeing from prevalent patterns bound by judgments, competition, harm, silencing, and fears.

Awaken your visions for how a thriving web of life looks, feels, sounds, moves, and grows. Plant seeds of nourishing possibilities in your inner landscape, in your relationships, and in our world. Share the wonder of the mystery while exploring creative potentials for what can be brought to life.

Notice what is already emerging and dying away, opening spaciousness for the new. Honor incremental shiftings that reconnect, regenerate, and weave well-being, love, balance, curiosity, and wholeness.

Every step you take in this direction propels the earth to shift too.

Solstice awakens remembering of our intimate connectedness in the vast expanse of the cosmos. Each of us has vital gifts to share in the spiraling dance of changing seasons and cycles.

During Solstice, as our sun and earth align, what is your offering?

What visions are you holding, what shifts are you exploring, how are you planting fertile seeds of change for this Turning of the Times?