Solstice, Equinox, and New Moon are my cherished holidays. I’m drawn toward these transitional passages, awed by their essential part in creation, curious about the purposes and effects of such vast and ancient natural cycles. The shifting of seasons, the turning of the times, opens space for transformations to come alive.

I love the wonder of opening into new cycles, finding my way in the mystery and unknowns, honoring the dying away of what has been, exploring and seeding and holding potentials for the birthings of what can be. A sense of belonging, the knowingness of home, the spaciousness of time come alive in my relationships with our earth, sun, and moon.

Winter Solstice calls me inward, awakening all the more my homing instincts to nestle into the quiet, to slow, rest and pause, and deeply root in sacred spaces within and around.

From my heart to your heart, I’d love to share the gifts of ceremony and spirit guidance in this Solstice season…