We were in the midst of a discussion about cultivating relationships with the realm of the spirits. In a conference call with my current Apprenticeship Group, a student asked how to have more clear communication with ancestors and guides.

Often, as humans, we get weighted down by self-doubts. We have limited beliefs about what spirits’ presence and communication look like. We shut down our sensory awareness with fears, distractions, judgments, and busy-ness.

Before I could gather up the words to respond to the student’s question, the doorbell started ringing (and ringing and ringing!!) in her home. There was an abrupt thump as a bird flew into my kitchen window. My cat, Lily, meowed loudly from outside, insistently calling to be let in.

The seen and unseen offered a vivid response to the heartfelt desires for cultivating connection with the spirits, showing us how: Open the door! Let us in! We’re right here!

Our class erupted into laughter, delighting in the magic. The message couldn’t be any more clear.

The response we were given is helpful guidance for most anything we’re seeking. Set the intention. Claim the desire. Open the door. Reach toward, welcome in, and receive. Listen and feel with all of the senses to the obvious and the subtle, to the physical and energetic.

What are you seeking? Spend time with this question. Get to know your own heart’s desires.

And open the door. Step into the quest. A universe of extraordinary possibilities is ready and waiting to be explored.