“We’re Seed Carriers,” I said to Jasmine as I tenderly removed the prickly seed pods caught in her fur and tangled up in my woolly sweater. Seeds are ingenious, finding all kinds of ways to spread out to new places. Seeds travel on winds, stick to the bodies of passerbys, float downstream in rivers, drop to earth in ripening fruits, and ebb and flow with ocean tides.

Seeds hold the essential blueprints for life. Each seed embodies their unique sacred design ~ the knowledge of who they are, where and when and how to grow, what it is they give and receive in web of life, and their particular dance with the cycles of the sun, earth, and moon.

Like the seeds created by wildflowers, cacao trees, and prickly pear cactus, our visions and dreams hold unique sacred designs. Our visions and dreams are bodies of knowledge filled with creative potentials, innovations, possibilities, purposes, and desires. In our visioning and dreaming, we may hold pictures, inklings, images, feelings, symbols, sounds, and sensations. These shape the blueprints for what we want to experience, learn, share, and make, for how to heal, exchange, relate, and grow. Seeds from the plants and the seeds of our dreams are pieces of creation filled with life energy and natural inclinations to be and become.

What happens today and tomorrow in our personal and collective lives, in this season and the next, in the many generations to come, is seeded here by each of us, now.

So embody your visions and dreams. Hold close the sacred design. Be the fertile soil that provides a nourishing space for creative potentials to come alive.

Share the seeds of your dreams, let them move out beyond you in all kinds of creative ways. Others may pick them up, carry them awhile, and pass them along, like the sticky seed pods in my sweater and Jasmine’s fur.

Notice how you are touched by others’ dreams and their visions for their lives, for family and communities, for our earth, for all life. Offer a respect-filled space for others’ innovations, hearts’ desires, and knowings about what can be. When we exchange and share our visions and dreams, we remember how to listen to diverse perspectives, to see a wider field of possibilities, and to choose how and when and where to collaborate and co-create. This is part of the sacred design.