My deep dive in the ancient ways of Ka Ta See began over two decades ago. I had no idea, when I took my first workshop, that I’d just taken a huge step into a significant shift in the path of my life. Back then, I was in my late thirties and had been living in New Mexico for about a year. I’d recently acquired my license as a psychologist and was setting up a private practice, working at a non-profit trauma healing center, and teaching part-time in a local college. I’d just begun a new relationship, and my four-legged friend, Jasmine, was a young pup.

From where I stand now, I see how stressed, exhausted, and out of balance I actually was. Though seemingly happy in my personal life, pursuing my passions in my professional life, there remained a nagging hunger in my heart, a yearning in my spirit, that was not quite fulfilled. Something seemed to be missing, though I didn’t know exactly what.

I have vivid memories of those first ceremonies and spirit journeys I experienced twenty-two years ago. So much healing was set in motion. I learned effective ways to unlearn and let go of the old patterns that kept me stuck, hidden, and hiding. Deep connections were awakened with ancestors, our earth, and remarkable beings in other realms. Lost pieces of my spirit began to be reclaimed, a sacred journey for reweaving well-being and wholeness.

Most of all, I felt a deep sense of homecoming – remembering who I am, why I’m here, what I love, and my natural belonging in the web of life. I’ve come to see there is so very much more to who we are than we’ve been led to believe. A universe of potentials and possibilities exists beyond judgments, expectations, shoulds, and fears.

One of the great joys and honors in my life is passing along these ancient ceremonial ways. There is so much beauty and magic to share.

A new Apprenticeship Circle is opening!

The Apprenticeship offers opportunity for you to personally experience these ancient ceremonial healing ways.

Remember and awaken the beauty of your heart. Reclaim the power of your attention.

Access boundless sources of Life Energy in your everyday life.

Make the shifts you are seeking to live your passions and purposes, to be loving, empowered, creative, connected, and free.

Living in heart-centered ways is how we create a heart-centered world.

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