Living in Balance from the Heart

Living in Balance from the Heart

Here is a taste of the traditional ceremonies you’ll experience in the Apprenticeship. These empowering healing ways can be woven into everyday life to awaken well-being, harmony, and balance.

Living centered in your heart creates a heart-centered world.

Ceremony of Finding Your Song: An ancient sacred ceremony to awaken and remember the vast feeling of your aliveness, beauty and joy, the knowing of your passions and purpose. The elders poetically describe your genuine way of being, the wholeness of who you are, as your Song. Everything is alive and has a unique Song ~ each and every tree, stone, bird, butterfly, human, starfish, drop of water, and grain of sand. Each individual Song is in relationship with the Songs of all others, interacting and sharing in the dance of creation, weaving the web of life.

Stone Circle Altars: Learn to build an altar space in the traditional ways for ceremony and spirit journeys. Utilizing sacred geometry and elements of the earth, create sacred space which assists you in holding altered states of consciousness to access inner awareness, spiritual guidance, and healing.

Ceremony of Finding Your Direction: A ceremonial process to discover the Direction which holds a particular kinship and affiliation with you in this lifetime. Deepen your connection with this unlimited source of knowledge, experience, and guidance.

Dance of the Earth Fire Serpent: Initiation ceremony to open your innate ability to access an infinite flow of Life Energy – abundant rivers of Life Energy to nourish your body and whole being, to choicefully focus and direct with your attention.

Crystal Cave Journey: For centuries, shamans and their apprentices have traveled physically to sacred sites for initiation ceremony. In this guided spirit journey, you have an opportunity to experience and explore the Crystal Cave and the extraordinary energy and guidance available here to support you in your healing and awakening.

Power Animal Journey: A spirit walk to an ancestral cave to meet your Power Animal. Questing with your Power Animal opens doorways to a sacred relationship filled with companionship, guidance, sharing of knowledge, and boundless adventures.

Soul Retrieval Journey: Spirit journey to reclaim missing soul pieces ‘lost’ during challenging life events – accidents, stress, trauma, loss, injuries, oppression, abuse, illness. In the traditional ways, you will personally reclaim your own spirit pieces during the guided journey. You acquire the skills and experiential knowledge to continue to pursue soul retrievals independently ~ empowerment as your own healer.

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