Everything is alive.
Everyone has a unique Song.
Every tree, every rock, every tiny grain of sand.
Each human, animal, plant, bird, bug, river, and fish.
Everyone’s Song radiates far beyond the physical body.

You are as vast as a star.

Every Song is connected in the web of life.
The web of life is interactive, dynamic, always changing.
Everyone’s presence, choices and actions affect the whole.
No failures, winners or losers, punishments or rewards.
Fighting, among humans, is highly over-rated.
The Universe doesn’t keep score.

We are always, energetically, touching others in the web.
Recognizing, interacting, sharing, choosing, communicating, creating, learning, discovering, expressing.

Life is a symphony, a wild, always in motion, curious, diverse, intricate, intimate, harmony-seeking dance.

Your Song is as vast as a star.
So is the Song of everybody else.
Every tree, rock, river, snake, spider, and grain of sand.
Every whale, coyote, human, sagebrush, hawk, and butterfly.

Your Song holds this remembering, seeing with the eyes of the heart.