Your dreams hold the pictures, the guiding maps, the energetic knowing of what you are seeking to bring to life. Your dreams are blueprints, like the knowledge carried inside a seed. Even though the tree isn’t in physical form yet, the tiny body of the seed carries the blueprint, the intricate knowing, about who and what has the potential to come into existence, about how and when to take the next steps in becoming.

Your visions and dreams set creation in motion. When you want to create something new, the momentum begins on the inside. In your inner landscape. In the pictures, beliefs, and visions you hold about yourself, others, relationships, potentials, creativity, earth, and life itself.

We can easily see the collective effect of building our lives and world with assumptions and misunderstandings, with judgments, caste systems, and fear. Our world is spinning out of balance, unraveling, taking itself apart with our habits of disrespect and destruction.

Generating a new beginning involves directing our attention toward inner healing and transformation. Blaming and shaming are disempowering and unsustainable. Our inner and outer worlds will only get filled with even more resentment, wounding, dehumanizing, and fear. Perpetual warring against ourselves and each other goes against nature, our own human nature.

To rebuild our lives and our world, we need to turn our attention inward. We’re being called to quest for our wholeness. This healing quest is to be honored as sacred, intentionally protected and purposefully pursued, even as we move through the unraveling of what has been.

What’s ready to be let go of? What needs loving attention, nourishment, more room to breathe and grow? What essential aspects are you yearning to call back, welcome in, awaken, and reclaim?

The reclaiming of our humanity is the key which opens the doorway to the continuance of life, the flourishing of love, and the creating of balance on our earth.

Tending to the wounds is vital. Healing our personal wounds. Our collective wounds. The social wounding between us, human beings to human beings. The relational wounding between us and the other beings who live on the earth.

Re-membering our wholeness involves trusting our capacity to heal, regenerate, innovate, and grow. Everyone is unique, and the timing, pace, and choices for healing and change-making are diverse. There are no better-thans or less-thans, no worthy-of-love-or-nots, in the spaciousness of integrity and wholeness.

With the healing of woundings and reweaving of wholeness, your visions and dreams will be colored with your passions, clarity, respect, connectedness, ingenuity, and uniqueness.

The blueprints you hold, your visions and dreams, shape how you live and relate, how you weave the web of life, and what you seed for the generations to come.

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