Reclaim the Power of Your Dreams

Reclaim the Power of Your Dreams

Why bother dreaming about beautiful loving things when the world is falling apart? Many people are feeling powerless, discouraged, fearing that change is impossible, believing that harmony, peace, and healing are out of reach.

Without new dreams, without visions that are free of the hierarchy, violence and fear, we will keep re-creating the same old same old.

The awakening of new possibilities and potentials begins on the inside. This is a quest, a remembering, a seeking to discover what lives in your heart.

Here is some guidance (3 short audio clips) from a recent community Bone Throwing Ceremony.

Listen with all your senses. Feel into what the spirits are sharing. Let this nourish you, inspire you, help you find your way back to your center and reclaim the power of your dreams.

Bringing the Dream Alive:


Blueprints for Healing:


Medicine of the Buffalo Nation:

8 Responses to Reclaim the Power of Your Dreams

  1. Thank you so much for the messages from this bone throw.

    I am finding how I want action -action! The dream, though, as you said comes first. Dreaming what I want for my work and what I dream for the world. I look at the clouds and dream.

    • You’re so welcome, Anna Marie. The spirits were so strong in directing our attention to beginning in the dreamtime, the visioning, the blueprint…and the steps we take will naturally flow from there.

      Your dreams for the world are a gift for us all.
      With gratitude and love,

  2. So appreciated the short clip on the bone throwing ceremony and the potential for what we can learn. I would like to join you for one in one of your places soon, JoAnne.

    The Luna clip was inspiring, both s/he and you seem full of light and delight in that one. I saw an inspiring vision of a dog today at the bosque. Unlike many dogs near my place who are roaming and barking, he was intent on his destination and followed the river across my land to a place that he well knew was easiest to cross the wrestling Rio Chama. He calmly trotted across the land, and swam into the water and made it to the other shore in minutes. Dogs can be such inspirations. For Mothers’ Day, I tenderly wish such one-pointedness, calm, and realization of our dreams and visions for us all.

    Thank you for all the love and joy you share with us, JoAnne!

    • Thank you, Hanna-Leigh, for sharing your stories and beautiful intent for us all.
      With love,

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