In diverse cultures around our world, sacred sites and buildings have been constructed to be in alignment with the sun during the Solstice. Through countless centuries, why has this seasonal shifting held such significance in our human existence?

Solstice marks the changing of the earth’s seasons, the turning of the times. This month, in the Northern Hemisphere, Solstice carries us into summer. South of the Equator, wintertime is settling in.

Remarkably, Solstice coincides with the Full Moon this year. Full Moon amplifies and accentuates energies. Full Moon symbolizes full expression, no hiding, the fruition and blossoming of what has been seeded. During this phase of the lunar cycle, the night is illuminated, allowing us to see what is usually unseen. The great beauty, mystery and magic of life are difficult to ignore.

The convergence of Solstice and Full Moon is quite extraordinary. We are part of this dance, co-creating the energies and changes that fill our world. We can consciously choose how we participate in the turning of the times on the earth ~ how we give and receive, what we contribute and share, what we shed and how we grow.

How can you celebrate Solstice?

Connect with Yourself ~ Reflect on where you are now, where you have been, where you are heading. Be attentive to the flow of cycles and passages in your life. What transitions are you navigating during this Solstice? What is moving toward completion as this season on the earth comes to a close? What is ready to come alive inside you and in your life as a new season on the earth unfolds? Find again your passions. Remember your purpose, your heart’s desires.

Connect with the Earth ~ This is our home. Cultivate more deeply your personal connection with the earth. Reach out with curiosity, with a desire to understand others, to intentionally develop and grow relationships with the world around you. Humanity has developed a hostile and harming relationship with the natural environment. This isn’t the only option we have. Each of us can contribute to creating harmony and balance in our world. Find one new thing you can do, or something you can stop doing, to cultivate relationships that support the well-being of the earth, that give appreciation and respect for the trees and rocks, the air and soil and water, the animals, insects, fish, and birds. Whatever each one of us does personally in our everyday lives affects the collective human consciousness and the entire web of life. Imagine the thriving, harmonious world we have the power to create!

Connect with the Sun ~ This is our star, so very far away, yet so essential to life on earth. Along with other planets, our earth orbits the sun. Our solar system is just one of many solar systems in our galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is just one of many galaxies in the universe(s). We are spiraling through this boundless cosmos each and every day.

Share your appreciation for the medicines of the sun, the ways our star provides essential nourishment for our health and well-being. Sunlight. Warmth. The magic of plants’ photosynthesis which converts sunlight to food energy, which in turn feeds many forms of life on earth. Vitamin D. Happiness. The sun influences the earth’s diverse seasons and climates, the cycles of day and night and our circadian rhythms.

Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year. Winter Solstice brings us into the shortest day and longest night. Honor the sunrise and sunset, wherever in the world you may be.

Connect with the Moon ~ This is our closest celestial neighbor. Cultivate your relationship with the moon. The moon is always in relationship with you while influencing the ebbs and flows of life on earth. Fertility cycles. Ocean tides. Water in our physical bodies. Energy and emotions.

Many people have cherished memories involving the Full Moon. What are yours? A genuine relationship and understanding of the moon will come from your personal experiences, possibly different than what you’ve heard or read.

During Solstice, give yourself the gift of some time to connect with the moon. What are you noticing within you and around you…when the moon rises…in the middle of the night…when the moon sets? Sit in the light of the moon, outdoors or indoors. Observe the moon’s movement from horizon to horizon. Listen. Watch. Feel.

Create Ceremony ~ Sacred ceremony is a very personal endeavor. How would you like to honor and celebrate the Solstice? What would be meaningful, enjoyable, beneficial for you? Free yourself from ideas of better-than or less-than experiences. You may choose to have ceremony by yourself or with others. This may occur indoors or outdoors, with structured processes, or something as simple as sitting quietly in the sunlight or moonlight. You may create one event or a series of experiences, occurring on June 20 as well as before or after.

The power of ceremony is in the power of your attention – bringing yourself fully to the experience, clarifying your purpose for the ceremony, maintaining your focus, staying open to what you experience, learn, discover, and receive.

Most of all ~ follow your heart, have fun, and enjoy!

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