Sea Turtle has something to show us

about being at-home wherever we are

and wherever we go ~

at home in our bodies,

in the cycles of our lives,

in the places we inhabit,

in our belonging in the vast wonder of life.

Follow Sea Turtle as a guide for finding your way back home…

Spirit Art by JoAnne Dodgson
Sea Turtles emerge from the salty waters, drawn by an instinctive calling to return to the sandy shores of their birthing place. Sea Turtles follow their homing instinct, coming full circle, after a decades-long journey through uncountable ocean miles.
Sea Turtles find their way back to their homelands to mate and lay eggs in the sand. This sacred homecoming is purposeful. Sea Turtles sense, trust, and follow a magnetic pull that guides them along ocean currents, around islands and continents, and through seasonal changes over cycles of time. Their sense of home has to do with regeneration, with co-creation, with holding the promise of their birthright to naturally exist, with passing along ancient lineages, with sharing vital gifts for harmony and balance in a flourishing web of life.
When the tiny, young hatchlings make their way out of the eggs, they leave behind a home, the entire universe they have known. They passionately crawl through the sand, their four fins in motion, to get into the water. The salty seas, the flowing currents, the ebbs and flows of tides, will be their home now for years to come.
Sea Turtles embody Home ~ they are at home in themselves, at home with each other, at home on this planet, at home in their purposes and genuine expression as Turtle. They are at home inside the eggs while preparing to hatch, and in their quests to leave the nest. They are at home in the ocean waters and on the land. Sea Turtles are living expressions of being Home wherever they are and wherever they go.

Carry Sea Turtle Medicine with You

Listen to the callings, the magnetic pull, to find your back home on the inside. At home, deeply rooted, in who you really are. Settling in you. Belonging with ~ not battling against ~ your own self.
Embody home. Become a loving shelter for yourself. Comfortable in your own skin. Inner-connected. Centered in your heart.
Remember and reclaim what it feels like to be at home in your own body. Judgment-free. Through the changing seasons and cycles of your life.
Create at-homeness in physical structure(s) where you reside ~ shapes, colors, materials, light, textures, sounds, nourishment, companionship, orientation to land and waters, flow and navigation through the space.
Inhabit places where you feel at home ~ for many years, for a particular season, and when just passing through.
• Cultivate home in and with your ecosystem. With who and what lives around you. Sharing space with diverse beings. Co-creating relationships. Giving and receiving the gifts.
Being at home being Human. Remember you are part of humanity. Reclaim the gifts, purposes, and potentials of humanness. Humanity can be an innovative collaborator and co-creator of a thriving web of life.
Feeling at home on the earth in this moment in time. Quest for the inner knowing of your belonging.
• Sea Turtles show us that Home has something to do with regeneration, with co-creation, with holding the promise of the birthright to naturally exist, with passing along knowledges, with sharing essential gifts for harmony, balance, and the continuance of life.

How can Sea Turtle Medicine be brought alive in the everyday moments of your everyday life?