In ordinary moments in everyday life, with every breath, any step, with each word and touch and thought, with endings, beginnings, and the seeds of your dreams, you are co-creating life.

The interweaving of relationships, the wonder of being alive, the awareness of belonging in the web of life can be felt and remembered any time, any place.

Wherever you are ~ standing in line at the grocery store, washing dishes, making a meal, walking through the woods, sharing a conversation, pausing at the crossroads unsure which way to go ~ notice what shifts when you settle back home within yourself, weaving circles upon circles of connection, radiating from the inside out.

Enjoy this ceremony to feel your relationship with all life ~ any place, any time.

Remembering: Circles of Connection

Listen and flourish in your connection and belonging, wherever you are!

Remembering: Circles of Connection

Bring your attention to your breathing. Deepening and slowing each breath. Allow yourself to settle into your natural rhythm. Filling and filling with the energies of life that live and dance on the air.

With each breath in, feel the gifts of Receiving. Receiving the breath of life. Nourishing. Healing. Rejuvenating. Relaxing. Magic and the mystery of all the interactions, the sharing, the transformations that have just taken place inside your body with just one breath.

With every breath out, feel the Giving. Your sharing. The breath of life rippling on and on and on. Exchanging. Nourishing. An intricate web of relationships being woven breath by breath by breath.

Feel your aliveness. The sensation of being alive. In your body. In the vastness of your energy field, your spirit. Your uniqueness as a human. Your particular purposes and passions for being here in your body on the earth at this time. The wonder and awe of your own existence. Here and now. In this place. In this moment in time.

Bring your awareness to reach beyond your body into the nearby space surrounding you. Maybe inside a structure, a room, a building. Maybe outside on the land. Near a body of water.

Notice your close in surroundings. Sounds. Smells. Sights. Textures. Tastes. Sensations on your skin. The subtle movements within you and around.

Notice how you feel being you, being here, in this particular moment in time.

What appreciation would you like to offer to this place where you are?

Bring your attention now farther beyond. Beyond your physical body. Beyond walls or windows or ceilings or floors. Beyond the reach of your arms. Beyond what you can physically see and touch.

Be aware of the land and air and waters wherever you are on the earth. Honor these essential elements and living beings, the land, air, and water. They are alive. Intelligent. Aware. Remembering. They create home for so many lives on our planet earth. Now. In the days and years past. Many many generations who have gone before. And for all the generations to come.

Acknowledge these beings you share this place with. Greet them with your loving attention. The soils and all those inside the soils. And those walking and moving above the surface of the ground. The beings living inside the waters. Those who come to the rivers, lakes, the streams, the ocean. Honor the beings who thrive in the air and live on the winds. And so many beings do not live in just one world. They touch the soils or burrow inside. They seek the waters. They breath and move about and thrive in the air.

Life flourishes in all kinds of ways.

Give your gratitude for the many beings, to the many beings, you are living with, you’re sharing space with, creating life with, in this particular place on the earth at this time.

Bring your awareness now to the fields of the unseen, the energies, the spirits, woven into the physical, the beings who live in the spirit realm who are around you and in this particular space. The spirits of the lands and the waters and the airs have been here much longer than humans. So many beings. Such vast and diverse perspectives and gifts. So much knowledge always present and being shared.

Hold the intent to keep alive your awareness of the spirit realms. The energy. The beyond and woven together with the physical in our world, in our selves, in all beings. There are Ancient Ones watching over. Personal guides who are with you. The spirit of each and every living being. The tree, the bird, the beetle, the river, the wildflower. Wherever you are and wherever you go.

Offer your gratitude and openness to learning. Ask for guidance. Ask for permission before making changes in any particular place. Consult and collaborate and connect with the realm of spirit and energy.

Remember your natural kinship with all beings in the physical and nonphysical realms.

Bring your awareness to the human beings, the human ancestors, diverse lineages, who have gone before in this place. The past generations are still alive, their knowings, their lived experiences. Their footprints are living still in this land. Through immense changes on the earth. Through humanity’s transformations in diverse cultures and diverse ways of living in places on the planet. Through challenges and flourishing times.

Give the gift of your respect and acknowledgment, your gratitude to all those who have gone before.

Plant seeds of curiosity to learn, to understand more. Stay open to the gifts being shared by the ancestors, by their spirits, by their bodies of knowledge.

What guidance, healing, teaching, and companionship are being offered for you now? Ask. Listen. Feel. Observe. Receive.

Intend to keep these relationships alive.

Reach now even further beyond with your awareness. Stretching. Expanding. Opening to perceive the whole of our home planet earth. To the South. To the North. To the West. East. Above. Below.

Feel the expansiveness, the wild diversity of life, the interconnections, the interactions, the exchanges happening all at once. Creating flow, growth, birthings, dyings. Change upon change upon change. Feel the potentials and possibilities.

Notice how passionately life seeks expression. The web of life naturally seeks balance in the weaving of relationships.

Feel your breath. Giving and receiving and giving and receiving. Feel your body. Feel your presence where you are. And reaching beyond to sense the vast expanse of your connection with the web of life on the whole of the earth.

Connecting within yourself, centered in yourself, in the place where you are, with the whole of our earth, and even beyond. With our moon. Our sun. Our spiraling galaxy. So much life. So much sharing and spaciousness in the web of relationships, always weaving, always sharing. So much knowledge always being shared.

Feel your breath, your body, the center of your heart, the whole of your self in this vast field of connection. Sharing. Shifting. Shaping and being shaped by the interactive universe in which you live. Co-creating. Co-creating life with so many others. Breath by breath.

Connecting with the rhythm of your breath, the rhythm of your heart, the rhythms of life. Wherever you are. Any time. Any place. Remembering.

Hold this remembering. Circles upon circles upon circles of connection radiating from the inside out. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. With each and every step you make.