What if no one, no thing, is deemed worthy of judgment?

What if no one is positioned as better-than and no one is less?

What if we humans stop considering ourselves as better, entitled, more valuable and deserving, than all our non-human companions and relatives on the earth?

These are the places we’ll have to awaken inside ourselves if we are going to be able to live, genuinely, with this thing called Love.

Love, in it’s natural flow, has no exceptions.

Love leaves no body out.

Love doesn’t shut off like a faucet and then open back up when the person or situation or conditions are deemed worthy.

Love isn’t situational.

Love isn’t episodic.

Love is the foundation of who we are and what life is made up of.

Love is a wide wide wide wide open expanse of energy.

Love respects the existence of what exists.

Love acknowledges and accepts what is and has been.

Love doesn’t condone violence, abuse or harm.

Love doesn’t generate more desecration.

Love generates healing.

Love is a weaver.

Love is alive in endings and beginnings, in birthings and dying-away, and all the in-betweens.

Loves observes with an expansive point of view.

Loves chooses with keen awareness.

Love doesn’t demand sameness.

Love reaches for understanding, cherishing and honoring diversity.

Love is discerning, aware of purpose in the making of choices.

Love becomes action from a deep rooting within.

Learning to love, again, in a world filled with hierarchies and disregard for life will take some doing. We will have to un-learn all the judgments we’ve learned. We will have to untangle from the habits of doing harm. We’ll have to un-learn the well-entrenched patterns of justifying our own judgments while condemning others who judge.

Love has to start somewhere for it to come back to life.

Love has to be re-birthed.

Love has to be re-membered.

Love needs to be felt in the heart and spirit of our humanness.

Love needs to be experienced in our bones.

Love will be re-woven in the fabric of our being.

Love will be held in the unshakeable knowing of who we are and our natural part in the web of life.

Take one step today, dream up one new possibility, for how to bring Love back to life.