As we find our way through challenging times,

when healing and change feel out of reach,

when you begin to doubt

that just one person can make a difference,


Remember the times long before
nuclear bombs
mass incarceration
and children in cages at our border

Remember the ancient ways
when love had no bounds
when fertility cycles flowed in rhythm with the moon
when wombs were revered as sacred space
when women were free to choose

Remember the ways of our ancestors
the lineages with deep roots
in equity, well-being, and balance
living life as a dance, a gift, an adventure
with respect for uniqueness
honoring everyone’s purposes
because diversity is how we thrive

Ancient knowledges are embodied
in our cells
in human consciousness
in our minds and memories
in the spiral galaxy of our dna
in the marrow in our bones

We are touching and touched by ancestral guidance
in the waters, wind, and soil
in sunlight and stardust
in the migrations of whales and hummingbirds
in each seed who becomes a tree
in the vast fields of brilliant energy flowing through and between us
and radiating far beyond our earth

Ancient rememberings are already here
in the passions of your dreams
in potentials and possibilities
in the callings to explore, experience, and create
in untangling from the bindings of judgments and fear
in grieving the losses
in loving unconditionally

Ancient knowledges are opening doorways
for the awakening of our human hearts
with curiosity, beauty, and wonder
with healing and ceremony
with medicine in the words
with collaboration and care weaving new fibers of connection
as we fall in love with life again

Who you really are
who they really are
who we really are
and how we can live
are so much more
than we’ve been led to believe