May Solstice be filled with peace and joy, rekindling your inner fire.

Cherished memories shared with gratitude and love ~

Wintertime has settled into the red rock mesas of New Mexico. The blue skies have quieted since Sandhill Cranes have passed by on their migrations south. I rarely cross paths with Rabbits and Coyotes. There’s a hush among the Lavender since the hum of Bumblebees has grown silent. Prickly Pear Cactus simply hold their ground. No new blossoms or fruits. No visible signs of growth.

The quieting on the land and shortened hours of daylight have brought my homing instincts into full bloom. Settling in and embracing the quiet. Spending evenings by the fire. Focusing energy, like the juniper trees, to my inner world, to where I’m rooted.

Jasmine, my beloved four-legged friend, blends her wild romps on the mesas with long hours sleeping on the land. Stretched out luxuriously in the warmth of the sun, she breathes in the fragrant scent of the earth. The winter ways of the canine reveal the beauty that exists in simple, ordinary moments, like taking a nap. Breathing in the earth and soaking up the sun connect us with the medicines of our planet and our star. It’s all there in the soil and the sunbeams.

The lushness of the sharing between Dog, Earth, and Sun has gotten me dreaming about what it’d be like to so generously give and so openly receive with each and every breath that I take.

Songbirds enchant the winter season with their ingenious feasting dance. Bouncing around on golden tufts of dried flowers, the feathered ones jostle the delicate stalks until the ground is peppered with tiny morsels. Hopping down to the sandy soil, the birds sing and chirp while gathering up the delectable seeds one by one.

Nourishment showers the earth when songbirds shake down the seeds. The feast feeds the birds’ flourishing. The seeds remaining on the ground hold the promise of generations to come.

In this time on our earth so fertile with change, I feel the whispers as I walk about the land. Nestle in the stillness. Breath in the earth. Soak up the sun. Shake down the seeds.

There’s an irresistible calling to join up in this dance with our earth and our sun, with the four-leggeds, plants, and winged ones. Nestle in the stillness. Breath in the earth. Soak up the sun. Shake down the seeds.

If we seek it, we will find it for it too is seeking us. The vibration of ancient rhythms will be carried up along our roots. We’ll feel the hum and soon find ourselves humming along, finding our rhythm, remembering our Song, nourishing our own and each others’ hearts.

Nestling in the Stillness.

Breathing in the Earth.

Soaking up the Sun.

Shaking down the Seeds.