Python Medicine

Python Medicine

Pythons are well-known for the way they extinguish the breath of life. When our fears of death and dread of snakes get all tangled up in our minds, we overlook the gifts of this remarkable serpent.

Python has some magic to show us about how to birth the changes we seek in our lives and in our world.

Python Medicine: Holding Space for the Birthing

Python Medicine from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.

6 Responses to Python Medicine

  1. Good morning,JoAnne! Oh oh oh! I love this! I took a deep breath after listening to Python Medicine. Perfect timing for this gift. Thank you! Connie

    • You are so welcome, Belinda. So beautiful to feel the medicine of the Python rippling out, nourishing healing and transformation in our hearts & lives.
      Manaole U Manaole,

  2. This was so nourishing to listen to…your pause..your breath..your voice of support and wisdom. Thank you. I will carry the medicine of python in my thoughts today and let it dwell there. And see what sparks want to fly. With much love & gratitude for your wisdom.

    • Hi Susan. So glad you’re feeling nourished. I look forward to hearing what sparks want to fly!
      Heart to Heart,

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