How are you feeling as public spaces open up?

What thresholds of change are you standing in?

What do you see as you look beyond where you’ve been?

What directions are you choosing to go?

Some human beings are eagerly taking a leap out of quarantine.

Whether you are taking bold leaps from here to there, or tentatively dipping your toes in new waters, there is no failure if you decide to turn back around or find a different path.

Reorienting, course-correcting, regaining our footing, and finding balance in a new time and place ~ these are natural parts of creating the path of our lives.

Life itself doesn’t rely on straight lines and right angles. Watch how the river flows in relationship with the land. Notice how tree branches grow. Explore the migrations of whales and sea turtles. Follow the prints left behind by coyotes, elk, and beetles in their walkabout on the earth.

Your life, too, can be an organic unfolding, a creative co-creation, an intimate dance with changing elements, seasons, and cycles, guided by the callings of your heart.

A threshold of change may involve a doorway you have chosen to open and feel a yearning to step through. You may be immersed in changes that feel jarring and unexpected, that have been initiated by others and global events.

Wherever you are and however you have gotten here, take some time to have a look around. Consider different points of view. Sameness and mono-culture, a boxed-in mind, body, heart and spirit, won’t cultivate a thriving existence and relational world.

There’s no mandate to agree with, condone, or participate with the diverse perspectives you discover. Curiosity opens the mind and heart. See what you see with respect. Listen and perceive with a sense of adventure, open to learning, seeking understanding. Judgments of better-than or less-than are human-made ideas that distort and disrupt life.

There are boundless possibilities for what exists beyond the known horizon, that place you’ve believed to be the edge, the farthest reaches, the stopping place in your inner landscape and the outer world. Extraordinary gifts, exquisitely delicious, simple and sweet, are ready and waiting to be found.

In many people’s lives, there is a vital need to rest, grieve, and heal. Healing is a sacred quest. Are you finding and creating the pathways for healing that are beneficial for you? How can you open a door for others so they have safe, nourishing, respectful space to pause, de-stress, mend the heartaches, heal the wounds, and reweave connection, well-being, and balance?

In the early weeks of the quarantine, it was vividly evident that restoration and renewal naturally emerge when humans pause and slow down. We had a glimpse of the healing intelligence and creative wildness of diverse species, how they live and what they do, when given spaciousness to naturally be.

This seemingly magical recovery was widely celebrated, even making the headline news. How do we keep this wonder and awe present and available in our hearts?

What if the awareness of our interconnectedness becomes the guiding momentum, the making of the map, for a new cycle in our lives and on the earth?

What if the understanding of the aliveness and intelligence in all species is the authority we broadcast, the voice we keep listening to, when we select which doors to open, when we determine which doors remain closed, as we choose how and why and when and where to take our very next steps?

When we pause long enough to hold the questions, there’s spaciousness for the intelligence and aliveness in you and me and us, in countless diverse beings, to respond, to naturally emerge, to be seen and felt and heard.

Wherever you are, whatever thresholds you are standing in, whichever doorways you are stepping through, you are not alone.

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Create companionship. Give and receive and share.

Feel your kinship with those living in the physical and non-physical realms. We’re in this together. We’ve navigated immense cycles of change before.

Welcome others in an embrace of acceptance, with or without the six-feet in between. Your loving embrace will reach far beyond and deeply within, opening doorways of healing change.