Today I saw a butterfly
her blue speckled wings
glistened in the sunlight
the magic of her metamorphosis
danced around in the winds

She flew over the sagebrush
and landed on red sandy soil
resting awhile
opening and closing her wings
a silent rhythmic drumbeat
sending wave after wave
of the knowledge she holds
about naturally transforming

I’m following the path of Butterfly
together we can join the dance of the butterflies
in the passionate pursuit of becoming
fully who we are here to be

We too can create space for transformation
dismantling what has been
shaping new forms
awakening into new cycles
weaving new webs of relationship
within us, between us, and all around

When it is time
according to our inner knowing
our ancestors and lineages
and wisdom living in the earth and stars
we’ll open the doorway
step through the threshold
warm our wings in the sun and fly
into the magic of our own metamorphosis
into a beautiful, loving world
beyond our wildest dreams