Every element in this nest was chosen with care. The found fibers were woven together with great skill and loving intent. How, when, and where the birds went about their nest building were guided by the blueprint, the sacred design, carried within.

The nest was woven with dried grasses and stems, bits of blossoms and leaves, and long strands from horses’ manes. These gifts were gathered up and utilized by the birds in fruitful and ingenious ways. By simply being who they are and doing what they naturally do, the plants and horses shared resources that were essential for somebody else. A nourishing flow of giving and receiving, an intricate web of inter-relationships among diverse beings, this is the organic dance of life on earth.

During our spring windstorms, the nest fell to the ground. I’ve been wondering about the bird family and where they are now in the wake of the dislocation of their home. You, too, may have had times when life has not gone according to your plans. Winds of change can have unexpected effects.

Things may feel blown asunder by external influences and others’ actions. Your personal choices may generate shifts that are sudden and spontaneous or slowly emergent over time. In the mystery of the interactive universe in which we live, we’ll often find ourselves reconstructing our health or home or relationships or daily routines due to all sorts of influences, interactions, and ripple effects.

Change is not failure, even when unexpected and disorienting. There’s no need to judge, blame, or shame.

When you are ready, when it is time, instinctive callings and nudges will be felt. Creative impulses will naturally draw you toward exploring and finding and learning and making and bringing something new to life.

What’s the blueprint, the sacred design, the innovative vision, that is guiding you?

How and when will you take a step to search for what you seek, gather resources and essential elements, and initiate the building?

Who are your co-creators, the seen and unseen collaborators? What gifts are coming your way?

What are your offerings, through genuine expression and natural sharing, that benefit others in the weaving of the tapestries of their lives?

In the ways of the winged ones building their nests, we can pour our energy, attention, and time into the well-being of the generations now and to come ~ with exquisite beauty, creativity, and wide-open hearts.