What are your moon stories?

One of my cherished memories took place many years ago when I was on spring break during graduate school. I headed south out of the grey midwest cold to spend time in the Appalachian Mountains. Evening was settling in after a long day on the road. I still had many miles to go. I came upon a detour that directed me even deeper into the mountains along remote winding roads. The hillsides in every direction were saturated by Kudzu, a thick green vine covering the ground and wrapping around tree trunks and branches. I worried what would happen if my car went off the road. I’d be buried beneath the Kudzu, never to be seen again.

I came around a bend and the Full Moon suddenly appeared right in front of me. The moon looked to be rising out of the mountains, so closeby, I felt I could reach out my hand and touch her. The radiance of the moon filled the sky and lit up the landscape. Breathtaken by the beauty and delighted by the magic, my sense of adventure, curiosity and wonder instantly woke back up.

I continued on through the mountains for quite some time, a slow going journey along windy, switch-back roads. I’d turn away from the moonlight into the darkness. Then, curving around a bend, I’d meet up again with the Full Moon. A reunion with a long-lost friend. Then the road would carry me back into the dark of the night. Eventually, I’d meet up again with the moon.

The moon became my guardian. Someone was watching over and I felt less alone. My awareness was opening to the moon’s existence as a conscious presence, a living being, and of our inherent connection in the tapestry of life.

That night sparked an even deeper love affair with the moon. Over the decades since then, I’ve cultivated my connection with Luna with ceremony, art, and stories, with simply watching, listening, and learning. The moon is a powerful teacher about natural cycles. She’s a guide to the rhythms and cycles in my body, in our bodies, and in the flow of life on the earth. She’s a touchstone in the vast cosmos. She’s a teacher about the wild, interconnected dance with life.

What are your moon stories?

The Full Moon Eclipse happening this week offers a rich opportunity to connect with the medicines of the moon. Observe, feel, and listen. Notice when you cross paths with the moon. What is happening inside and around you?

Share your moon stories. Ask other people about their experiences. Open new conversations. Honor diverse discoveries.

Imagine what will happen when awe, wonder, beauty, and mystery fill us up, fill the spaces between us, and ripple far beyond.