Medicine for the New Year

Medicine for the New Year


Weaving the Webs of Life

Spider lives with unshakeable clarity that she has what she needs to build what she wants when the guidance from within and the rhythms of the earth indicate that it is time.

Hear more about Spider Medicine as we make our transitions into a new year…


For Personal Healing & Guidance:

Throwing of the Bones Ceremony

Medicine Card Reading

7 Responses to Medicine for the New Year

  1. Dear JoAnne,
    Thank you so so much to you and this wisdom you share from Spider… much love and reverence to you always… 🙏🏽❤️

  2. Listening to this precious medicine story brought me back to the centre of my web and self just as I needed… thank you…

    • Such a beautiful homecoming, returning to the center of your self, your web…thank you for sharing, Hannah.
      Heart to Heart,

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