When trees drop their leaves in the Fall, the trees simply let the leaves go. No effort to keep everything in place. No fears. No resistance to the unfolding changes.

The trees let go of the leaves because it is time in the natural cycles of life. Of the trees. Of the leaves. Of the earth. Of the wildly intricate flow of relationships in the extraordinary web of life.

The leaves have been essential for the trees. The leaves were created by the trees. And still, there comes a time for letting go. Without judgments. Or disgust or frustration. Or disrespect or disregard.

The letting go is just as sacred and vital as the birthing. The letting go unfolds with connectedness with natural cycles, appreciation, and clarity about purposes.

In the releasing, the leaves drop to the earth and are carried in the winds, feeding soils and waters wherever they land, providing nourishment and homes for creepy-crawlies and tiny winged ones. And there’s more to the story of the life of the leaves that exists in the mystery beyond what we can see.

Open your heart and spirit to the Trees as guides, teachers, companions, and friends. Ask them to show you the art of letting go, the healing and growth that are found in letting go with awareness, connectedness, gratitude, and love.