Our earth holds knowledge about human existence that reaches much farther back in time with a greater expanse of lived experiences than what is found in english language, google searches, and history books.

When we listen with curiosity and respectfully observe our non-human companions on earth, we are given a glimpse of the creative wonder of life itself. We get a taste of ancient knowledges living right beneath our feet, within arm’s reach, overhead in the sky, deep underwater, and inside our own hearts.

When connecting with our non-human relatives on earth, we can awaken sweet rememberings of our genuine human nature. We carry ancient stories of our origins, of our purposes, gifts, and belonging. We know how to live in harmony with the web of life, with all it’s beauty, intricate weavings, magic and mystery.

Way of the Hummingbird

Hummingbirds hum. A distinctive vibration radiates far beyond the tiny birds’ brilliant bodies and shimmering wings.
Hummingbirds are beautiful guides for exploring how to generate a clear, steady, flowing energy field that radiates beyond your body too. Many of us have learned to distort our energy fields. We’ve been conditioned to shape ourselves into something we’re not in an effort to fit in and feel lovable, approved of, and safe.
So how do Hummingbirds do what they do? How do such delicate beings radiate a distinctive, vibrant, visceral energy field?
Hummingbirds’ humming vibration, their more-spacious-than-the-body energy field, begins within their physicality. This is where you can begin too…
With a centering in your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Embodying your body, settling in, coming back home, comfortable in your own skin, honoring the birthright of your existence. Filling with the energetic sensation that is distinctly you ~ the feeling experience of your self, your aliveness, your uniqueness, your natural way of being, senses awake and aware. Your genuine beingness, being centered in who you are, is not shaped by beliefs about superiority and better-than or inferiority and not-good-enough in some way. There are no shoulds or supposed-tos or evaluations of whether you are lovable, beautiful, intelligent, successful or not.
A vibrant energy field is filled with awareness of who you are, where you are, and your inherent involvement in an interactive world of relationships. Relating with and responding to your environment. Choosing where and how your attention is aimed. Exploring a universe of possibilities about what to do or say or feel or think next.
A clear and radiant energy field gives and receives all kinds of information. There are exchanges and sharings joined with discernment about what to allow in, what to investigate, integrate or clear away, and what to simply let drift by.
Just like Hummingbird, your energy field begins on the inside and naturally radiates beyond your physical body. Whatever is moving around in your energy field has influence on others – whether this is stress, anger, judgment, distraction, and fear, or love, curiosity, focused attention, awe, and delight.
We are always in relationship, not solely in the physical realms and not only with those in close proximity. Throughout everyday life, we are connecting energy field to energy field, unique body of knowledge to unique body of knowledge. On physical and non-physical levels, we’re interacting, engaging, exchanging, relating, and sharing information with plants, rivers, animals, insects, humans, and our sun, earth, and moon, with birds, ocean-dwellers, human-made items and spaces, and geographical places nearby and far away.
Ask Hummingbird to be your guide to remember how to awaken, feel, and radiate vibrant energy, a bright shimmering field flowing within and beyond your body, filled with knowledge, integrity, harmony, and balance.
During everyday moments of everyday life, take a pause, take a breath, slow down, feel, and observe. What thoughts, emotions, and energies are being generated inside you, rippling through and beyond your body and mind, and expressed in your energy field?
Is this how you want to be and what you want to share? Is this originating in a centered place in your heart? Is there a shift you’d like to make?
Wherever you are, what you do, how you feel, and who you are being touches the web of life. This is your sacred offering, your part in the co-creation. Remember, in every moment, you can choose.