Pythons have the ability to squeeze the breath of life away. And Pythons are one of the few snakes who stay with their eggs to nourish the birthing of new life.

Mama Python wraps her body around her eggs, holding so close that the imprint of her scales are left in the tender egg shells. Her python body creates a sacred circle of protection. The movement of her breathing and the warmth emanating through her skin nourish the transformations unfolding in the unseen realm inside the eggs.

Python guides us to take a closer look at the places we’re constricting ourselves, others, and life itself.

What are you holding back, shutting down, and stifling in your body, heart, emotions, and spirit? Are you squelching your own and others’ dreams?

How are you keeping life itself imprisoned with blindly-adopted beliefs and limited points of view?

What is not being given enough space to breath? Your creativity? The giving and receiving of love? Curiosity? The callings of your heart?

Mama Python shows us the gifts of holding that feeds and births new life.

See yourself as the Mama Python who creates a sacred birthing space. Claim the potentials for growth, change and manifestation that you are holding. Dreams for your life? Changes in health? Cultivating loving relationships? Nurturing your children, grandchildren, the earth, and the legacies you are leaving for the generations to come?

Are you willing to stay with and hold these potentials – remembering, watching over, feeding and nourishing until the birthing occurs? This is the medicine of Mama Python. She wraps herself around what she wants to grow. She stays with – holding, nourishing, protecting – not rushing or judging the process of change. She honors the innate wisdom in the flow of creation. She welcomes the emergence of new life.

See yourself in the center of the sacred circle of protection. Who and what nourish you in your process of growth and healing? Who are your midwives, the holders of sacred space? These may be other people, your own love for your own self, your non-human companions on the earth, and places and activities that generate a sacred space – so you can breath, find your way, expand all the more fully into who you really are, and bring to life what it is that you seek.

Python: One of the spirits who offers guidance in Throwing of the Bones Ceremony.

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