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“Thank you for being so gentle, warm, generous, and powerful. I feel so much gratitude and love for your guidance.” -R.S.

“Thank you for a powerful day. So much healing and releasing and nourishment. I appreciate you. Your presence. Your energy. Your voice. Your words. You are truly a gift. A blessing.” -H.A.


You can find your way back home to your heart ~ remembering who you are, letting go of all that you’re not, and flourishing in the passions and purposes of your life. Your dreams for loving relationships, happiness, health, and well-being don’t have to be left behind.

As you navigate life transitions, free yourself from old patterns, and weave your life with love, peace, and balance, having support and guidance brings ease and connection as you find your way step by step.

Spiritual Counsel • Throwing of the BonesCeremonial Healing

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“JoAnne is a powerful and potent healer. She embodies unconditional love and acceptance and being in her presence allows me to feel and connect with that more within myself. JoAnne communicates from her integrity and creates such a safe space to share within. I would highly recommend working with JoAnne to anyone seeking self-empowerment.” -M.C.

“I worked with JoAnne during a time of major transition. JoAnne combined a number of qualities — compassion, non-judgment, insight, and the unwavering belief that I’d land on my feet — to help me to find the right next step on my path. JoAnne’s wonderful ability to hold a caring space for transformation is a great gift to anyone who receives it.” -S.L.

“You’ve been my shelter in the storm.” -M.F.

The services and educational materials described on this website are based in ancient healing arts traditions and sacred ceremonial practices. The references are not related to diagnosis and treatment in Western medical or mental health models.
Personal Sessions

Unleashing Love

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A Gift For You!

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