We had all kinds of magic happening in our recent online Throwing of the Bones Ceremony!

“What an amazing ceremony. I just finished watching the video for the second time and I am simply blown away. It is literally the definition of mind blowing. And such a wonderful gift. I have a lot to process and let settle into my being.”

“The ceremony today was wonderful (wonder-filled).”

“I felt like the Throw was just for me.”

“The whole reading was so intense with each new bone or bone formation being so powerful and resonant and building up energy.”

“I have listened a few times to the bone throw. So so life affirming and so full of hope and possibility. You are the only one I know who speaks in such a resonant way of hope and healing and possibility. So valuable, so important, so needed.”

Here are a couple gems from the Spirits to pass along…

Starfish Medicine: Trusting Your Capacity for Healing and Wholeness

Spider Medicine: Weaving Fibers of Connection