We live in a universe of cycles within cycles within cycles. Wherever we are on the earth, we are moving into the Equinox. The heart of Autumn is opening in the Northern Hemisphere while Spring is coming alive in the lands and waters south of the equator. The Full Moon is arriving very close to Equinox, heightening the energy around these seasonal transitions.

Interactive cycles and changes are always at play. In our bodies. In our energy fields. In our relationships and the paths of our lives. Unique happenings are taking place with ocean dwellers, migrating birds, insects, winds, trees, bears, wildflowers, and soils.

In the fibers of connection between us, there are all sorts of exchanges of information and nutrients, the catalyzing of birth, growth, death, and renewal. The web of life is perpetually in motion, weaving and unweaving and reweaving intricate balance, minute by minute, day by day, night by night, season by season.

In diverse human cultures through centuries of our existence on earth, we’ve intentionally observed and honored Equinox. We’ve made ceremonial sites and complex structures to mark this specific transitional moment, a unique alignment of our earth and sun in their spiraling dance in the cosmos.

Equinox is a name given to describe the seasonal shift marked by equal amounts of time between sunrise and sunset, a balance of daylight and night. Equinox demonstrates a particular form of equity and balance based on numbers and measurement. This is a human point of view which holds meaning for us. It’s not the only perspective or experience of the changing seasons. The linear, measurable, countable things are just part of what constitutes life. There’s so much magic and mystery in how and why the earth and sun, our home planet and our star, so far apart from each other, circling around and around in space, create this particular Equinox alignment, not by happenstance, not once in a lifetime, but twice each year.

Equity and balance have organic origins in the flow of relationships, in exchanging and sharing, in giving and receiving energy, attention, information, nourishment, and love. In the natural ways of our earth and sun, there is no score-keeping, scape-goating, or debt.

Equinox opens a doorway for us to experience equity and balance. There are many pathways here for exploration and discovery, for finding our way into new terrains. We can reach beyond calculations and measurements to feel, sense, touch, taste, and observe how balance and equity are crafted and sustained through the flow of changes and time. We can unlearn the patterns in relationships that manufacture inequities. We can untangle from the bindings to the disempowering, out-of-balance ways.

Imagine a world in which human beings are rooted in equity and harmony, cultivating relationships respect to respect, and co-creating a thriving web of life in rhythm with seasons and cycles.

We’ll need the remembering of reverence and respect for ourselves, one another, and all life, beginning on the inside and radiating out. We’ll need innovation and playful wonder to stretch beyond the known horizons and walk through doorways of change.

Equinox is a threshold moment, a precious space between the now and the next. In this fertile ground, we can plant seeds for healing, nurture growth and transformation, and weave ourselves and each other back together in the tapestry of life.

We are shifting with the shifting seasons. What are the purposes and passions of your existence which shape the turning of the times? What would you love to contribute, to be and do and share?

We’ve come all this way for this moment.