The elders describe this time for humanity and on our earth as a transition into the Era of the Heart. We are building the bridge to ways of living that are different than the fear-based, judgment-based patterns. What will this look like? How we we live and relate? How will we reconstruct our social systems?

There is a great unraveling taking place as we open the doorways to change. We are being called to build the bridge to the new – to ways of equity, harmony, and balance; to rediscovering our genuine human nature; to belonging, loving, and sharing our unique gifts with each other and the web of life.

The elders describe this as the Bridge Time. How do we build the bridge from “here” to “there?” What do you want to contribute to the shifts, to personal and collective changes, as we bring alive the Era of the Heart?

Join us for ceremony to receive guidance and healing from the spirits.