We are the newcomers. Our home planet earth has been living, breathing, regenerating, and moving through cycles of change in an expansive flow of time far beyond the countable years our human minds tend to hold.

Earth is our elder. Earth is a lineage carrier, remembering and sharing immense bodies of knowledge based on lived experience. Trees, oceans, and rocks are lineage carriers too. Turtles, wildflowers, and whales, and those with feathers, fur, and wings, weave their ancestral wisdom, their unique purposes and gifts, into the web of life.

We are surrounded by living beings who instinctively know the ways of balance and interconnection. Beneath our feet, in the reach of our arms, and beyond the horizon are vast fields of intelligence and complex, intimate relationships. Ancient knowledge is shared generously, day by day. As we seek to rebuild our lives and our world, we are surrounded by teachers and trustworthy guides who are communicating and relating with us.

Are we listening?

In a world filled with distractions and stress, it is a revolutionary act to give the gift of your attention. Listening. Observing. Seeking understanding. These are tremendous acts of Love.

Paying attention, bringing yourself fully into any interaction, listening and gathering information with all of your senses, awakens a universe of possibilities. You can see what is, just as it is. Respect and curiosity come alive. Learning and unlearning naturally unfold. Choices you’ve never considered come clearly into view. Your mind and heart open to see others for who they really are while allowing yourself to be seen.

Even with the imbalances in our ecosystems and human existence, the Earth is not disempowered. Our Earth is speaking and has much to show us about moving through this Turning of the Times.

This is our moment to honor our Earth as a living being, to respect the sacredness of all life.

This is our moment to free ourselves from the hierarchies, from the harm of judging, dehumanizing, and desecrating.

We’re remembering our genuine humanness, awakening respectful kinships to co-create a thriving web of life.

Earth is our elder. Give your offerings of gratitude. Share the gift of your attention. Listen. Observe. Learn and unlearn. Ask for the guidance you seek. Soak in the teachings. Receive the boundless love.

And when you are ready, connected heart to heart with our Mother Earth, make your next choice, speak your next words. Keep listening as you take your next step.