Change is always unfolding. That’s the way life naturally flows. Change lives inside the passages of birth and death, learning and growth, the cycles of day and night, the shifting of the earth’s seasons. Change is ceaselessly at play in our bodies, spirits, and minds, in the minute-by-minute happenings and year-by-year transitions in our lives.

The funny thing is, we tend to fear change and fight against it. We often feel powerless in it’s wake.

What would happen if we stopped running and turned to face the fears? We may discover hidden beneath the fear-filled beliefs, under all the resistance and struggle, the passion of our own creative power.

We are all naturally change-makers, with every breath, with every step we take. We’re all creators, ceaselessly engaged with beginnings and endings, with building and taking apart, with taking in and letting go.

Our creative energy and activities also affect others. We all contribute to the happenings in our world. Our emotions, actions, and thoughts ripple out far beyond, influencing life. Quantum physicists talk about this in scientific terms. Shamans talk about this in the language of the spirit. If we listen and observe with the eyes of our hearts, the web of life will teach us about this too.

So how do you want to use your personal creative gifts, your power as a creator, as a collaborator in weaving the web of life ~ personally and collectively, locally and globally?

All creations begin in the dreamtime. Whatever takes form in physical time and space first exists in the realm of energy and spirit. That spark of inspiration. An innovative idea. A community’s collective vision. Your personal dreams. Those heartfelt intentions for manifesting happiness, well-being, abundance, and love.

Every thought we think, those dreams that we dream, set things in motion to bring changes to life. When we remember and claim what we really want, we awaken our passions. We generate the blueprint, the seeds, of our dreams.

The seeds of our dreams, like those of the wildflowers, are teeming with information. Seeds hold the knowing about what nourishes growth, of the resources needed, of essential relationships to be cultivated, of purposeful actions to be taken to navigate turning points and transitions.

Our visions and dreams are just like seeds. Dreams carry the blueprint for what will grow and come into existence. Your dreams may be experienced as a visual image, symbol or story, as sensations, feelings or thoughts. That is the seed, the sacred design for what will grow. The visions we carry are catalysts and guides for the changes we choose to create. Without the dreamseed, nothing new will grow.

As we can see in the dynamic phases of our moon, a new revolution, a new cycle, doesn’t require suffering, sacrifice, or wars. The moon’s revolution is an organic unfolding which naturally keeps coming around. There is always opportunity to see with fresh eyes, open our mind and hearts, and begin anew. In the natural flow of life, there is interaction and connection, an ongoing dance, with the beginnings and the endings and all the in-betweens.

So what do you really really want? Hear your own heart’s callings. Claim your dreams. See and feel the blueprint. Hold the pictures clearly and lovingly. These are precious potentials readying to be birthed.

The seeds of your dreams ignite the fire for new revolutions. Your dreamseeds are the blueprints for empowered choices and conscious change.

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  1. Hi
    Enjoying your book Unleashing Love and the article on Dream Seeds.
    Keep up the good work and sowing the seeds.
    Lusaka, Zambia

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