This is the Bridge Time, according to the elders. The out of balance, unsustainable, upside down world is taking itself apart. Bridge Time is a passage between worlds. We are standing in the midst of flowing rivers of change. How will we get across to the other side?
We are the Bridge People, according to the elders. Bridge People make pathways shaped by visions of a thriving, peaceful, equitable, heart-centered world. Bridge People take steps to reset the balance, guided by the remembering of what lives in our human hearts, our ancestral knowings, our natural ways of being. Bridge People redesign relationships and social structures with creativity and loving respect for all life.
We are creating the future now. We are building the bridge minute by minute, choice by choice, circumstance by circumstance, in the everyday moments of our everyday lives. How we go about the building, the change-making, the dreaming, influences what comes alive next.
Mysteries and unknowns are part of the passage as we move into new terrain in our inner worlds, in our relationships, in making innovative, out-of-the box choices. We’ll find our footing as we build the bridge and walk the walk of our desires to be living in a healing, thriving, loving, in-balance world.
During this Bridge Time, we’ll need judgment-free languages so we can dream up, think about, talk about, and take actions to birth a hierarchy-free world, leaving behind the false identities of better-than and never-enough.
We’ll need to remember how to receive rather than over-consume, forcefully extract and take what we haven’t been offered. We’ll need to reclaim our part in the sharing, a continual organic flow of interactive exchange, giving freely the gifts of our genuine human nature so we contribute to a thriving web of life.
Bridge Time calls for dreamers and builders, for midwives and birthers, for gatherers, harvesters, and planters of seeds. Bridge People will seek to remember our capacity to collaborate and co-create. Bridge Time is not just for and about the humans, and can not be shaped solely by logical, linear aspects of the human mind.
Bridge People welcome diverse perspectives and novel contributions and innovative blueprints and passionate dreams filled with the not-seen-before, the not-yet-birthed and the wild-undomesticated. This primordial soup of potential is how and where and when creation creates.
Bridge People respect, appreciate, consult, and explore the immense wisdom and ingenuity all around ~
in those with wings and fins and roots
in those who swim, gallop, crawl and float
in contemporary and ancient times
in symbols, ceremony, music and stories
in the arctics and the tropics
in the deserts and high mountains and depths of the sea
in the minerals, stardust, waters, air, fire and fertile soils
in the ancient knowings of our earth, sun, moon and galaxy.
Bridge People are weavers who untangle the tattered threads and generate new fibers with healing, well-being, harmony and balance.
Bridge People get close up with death and birth, with the vast realm of the spirit, honoring the unknowns and allowing spaciousness for the unexpected, the beyond-the-familiar, the ingenious organic emergence in this transformational time.
Fiber by fiber, choice by choice, breath by breath, Bridge People weave a living tapestry according to natural blueprints and sacred designs.