Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

All your life

You were only waiting for this moment to arise

~ lyrics from Blackbird by Paul McCartney

This moment ~ in your life, in our lives, on the earth. What’s living inside this moment that you’ve been readying for?

The elders describe this time on our earth as a significant shifting, a dismantling of the out-of-balance ways and the awakening of the human heart. Endings of cycles open space for something new to be created. A newborn world – dreamed of, conceived, and brought into existence as humans reweave balance in their lives and with the earth.

Each of us has something to contribute to this moment, given that we are here. There’s a purpose in being alive now. What’s yours?

Everyone’s life purpose is unique and sacred, belonging with them. Anyone’s life purpose may seem mysterious and hard to comprehend, even our own at times. Whatever our particular purposes, together we are co-creating life.

We are shaping and being shaped by a vast, dynamic, interactive web of relationships. We are influenced by and influencing life itself. We’re each a piece of creation, weaving and woven into the tapestry of beautiful, healing, loving moments along with the challenges, heartaches, and wounding that unfold.

So what’s a human to do? If you want to live in love and peace? If you want to create a heart-centered world?

Blaming and shaming, judging those who are judging, won’t bring about much change in the world. We end up generating more judgments in our inner world, dumping more toxic words and actions into the outer world, and infusing harm in the spaces between us.

Getting embroiled in hating those who are acting out hatred doesn’t cultivate equity, well-being, and peace. We end up having more hatred in our inner world while amplifying hate in the outer world and in the spaces between us.

Judging, dehumanizing, and disrespect are tools for building hierarchies, for justifying abuse and oppression. These habitual patterns of thinking and relating serve to hold the out-of-balance ways in place. This is not the only option we have.

How can we describe what we see, how can our emotions be expressed, without generating more layers of who’s superior or inferior, lovable or not, better than or less?

This is a moment filled with possibility to set the momentum in new directions. Each and every shift, one first step, will feed the river of change. If you choose. If this is what you’re here on the planet to do.

Awakening the human heart starts with anyone, with each of us. The remembering is seeded within. Reclaim the wonder and awe of you being genuinely you. Feel the aliveness, integrity, and connection that already and always exist. This is your homecoming, an inner landscape to return to, dig in your roots, nourish, and grow.

Healing can come alive in safe spaces, with caring attention, with remedies and processes that allow you to untangle from the effects of personal and collective trauma, from heartaches and loss. Healing reweaves wholeness, freeing your body, spirit, mind, and heart from what no longer needs to be carried, weigh you down, and hold you back.

Dismantling the walls we’ve built around our hearts opens our eyes to clearly see ourselves and each other, to honor the existence of what is just as it is. Acceptance is not about condoning or freezing something in place. There’s a universe of possibilities beyond the judgments and fears. This is new territory to explore.

Our words can be shared as medicine, as tools for healing, for weaving collaboration, for seeking understanding.

We can open wide our embrace to include humans and other beings, the land and waters, the moon and stars, the spirits and ancestors as our family and community, our kin. As part of this intimate, complex field of relationships, who are you being and what do you do?

Humanity is inherently made for thriving with our ingenuity, our biodiversity, our natural belonging in the web of life. Each of us is co-creating humanity’s presence on our earth, now and for the generations to come. Setting yourself free from the ties that bind you to the out-of-balance ways opens pathways of freedom for everybody else too.


Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these sunken eyes and learn to see

All your life

You were only waiting for this moment to be free


Blackbird fly

Blackbird fly

Into the light of the dark black night


~ lyrics from Blackbird by Paul McCartney