Remembering What Lives Beyond the Fears

With the escalation of fears, we often get lost in overwhelm and powerlessness, blaming and judging, and the survival mode patterns of fight or flight or freeze.

While tending to physical health in our personal and collective lives, there is so much more to remember and claim about who we are, where we are, where we are heading, and how we’re going about getting there.

Soak in the healing guidance from the spirits…

Vulture is an ancient carrier of unconditional love. Vulture shows us that love has no need to judge or to see anyone or anything through the lens of better-than or less, worthy of love or not. Love and acceptance honor and acknowledge what exists. Seeing what-is just as it is frees us from the harm of judgments and disrespect.

Love often gets buried beneath our fears. Fear distracts us from the passion of our creativity and aliveness. Fear builds walls around our hearts. We withhold our caring and resist the love we’re being given. We stamp down our own and others’ innovations and dreams.

While we seek to end the epidemic spread of germs and illness, we also need to focus on what we want to share, nourish, birth, and bring to life.

There is plenty of room to seed and grow love. Love is spacious. Love discerns. Love chooses with keen awareness. Love doesn’t fear death. Love is not episodic in it’s natural, all-encompassing flow.

Love heals. Love listens deeply and sees with clear vision. Love is freeing, allowing everyone and everything to be true to their unique existence. Love weaves and connects, soothes and protects. Love learns and expands, widening the embrace as life itself changes and grows.

It’s possible to step into this particular moment in our lives with the intent to remember love. Rather than shutting down, disconnecting, and numbing out, we can allow the opening and awakening of our hearts. We are in this together. All of us. You and me. Our families and communities in diverse lands and cultures. And each and every being, all the seasons and cycles, in the extraordinary web of life.

As Vulture gracefully coasts through the sky, Love rains down from her wings. Soak in and share the showering of Love. Care for your own well-being. Listen, understand, and respect others. Tend to animals, trees, and waters. Receive the offerings of connection and support. Sense the generous love flowing through the cosmos and on earth in our web of life.

Love is powerful healing medicine. Let Love be the great contagion and intentionally pass it on.


Bear is a teacher about Gratitude. Gratitude, according to Bear, is the wide-open welcoming of the gifts. Genuine gratitude, like genuine love, is unconditional.

Gratitude is an antidote to fear. Gratitude directs our attention away from the worry and stress and into empowering ways of feeling, thinking, taking actions, and relating.

Bear Medicine calls us to hunt for the gifts we’re being offered in this moment on earth, personally and collectively. What do we have the opportunity to hear, see, and learn? What is this little bug – who has the ability to disrupt massive human-made systems – showing us about ourselves and our fibers of connection?

Bear Medicine nudges us to reach beyond fears and see what we are being given, the opportunities that are here for us, even in the midst of unexpected challenges, grief, loss, and change. We’re being called back to the basics. Yes, washing our hands. And rediscovering our organic interconnectedness. We are co-creators in the web of life, minute by minute and day by day. We are giving and receiving in all kinds of ways, seen and unseen.

How are we shaping the web of life with the words we speak and the actions we take? What are we infusing into the intricate fibers of connection, energetically and emotionally? We have the power, and responsibility, to choose.

As the activity level of our societies is being quieted, Bear Medicine calls us to search for the gifts that live inside this pause. What does the brief reprieve in our perpetual busyness and habitual disregard of our planet offer for us and the web of life?

It just may be that getting everything back to the way it was, reasserting the status quo, is not the path of well-being for humans and others on our earth. I’m curious what will emerge out of the stillness and chaos. I’m excited to see how our ingenuity and collaboration come alive.

My dream is that we garner the power of making changes, with the fervor and far-reaching effects of this microscopic bug, in the direction of healing, love and respect, harmony and well-being for ourselves, one another, and our beautiful web of life.

Bear Medicine, the wide-open welcoming of the gifts, is something we can choose to share and pass along. Gratitude is contagious too.