Beyond the Fear, We’ll Find…

Beyond the Fear, We’ll Find…

When these baby robins found their way out of the eggs, they were leaving behind the entire universe they knew. Can you imagine?

There’s so much we can learn from the brilliance of the little winged ones…

about moving through change with unwavering perseverance,

trusting the inner knowing of who we are and all we can be,

leaving behind what is no longer needed,
not holding-on out of fear,
no need to resist,
rather purposefully taking actions
to move into the new,

staying true to our hearts,

appreciating our companions,

not letting anyone else’s life path or purpose lead us astray,

being at home in the midst of transformation, even when things are not yet entirely complete,

loving those who have a different timing and pace for their growth,

allowing space for the organic unfolding of what’s next,
enjoying the discovery of when it’s time to spread our wings and fly.

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