Looking for Balance…Where Do You Start?

Looking for Balance…Where Do You Start?

When the Peruvian elders, Chea and Domano Hetaka, left their homelands, they were on a quest to share their ancient medicine ways as a gift for humanity’s awakening and to bring balance back to our earth. Their quest was an extraordinary commitment and generous sharing of their way of life which had been purposefully protected for tens of thousands of years.

In Ka Ta See (kah-TAH-see), the elders’ tribal lineage, the creation of balance has a unique starting point.

Balance is birthed on the inside, in the remembering of who you are. In awakening to the beauty and wonder of your uniqueness. In rediscovering your Song. In allowing yourself to naturally be. In relating with everyone and everything from this centered inner space. This is the balance.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? You being you, genuine in all that you think, say, feel and do. There’s nothing to calculate or compete with or fight against or try to live up to or pretend not to be.

Yet we seem to be the only species on earth who have forgotten how to be who we naturally are. We’ve gone into hiding. We’ve lost the passion for our own existence. We’ve numbed out and toned down our love for life. We’ve distorted our relationships with one another, coming up with all sorts of conditions to evaluate if and when somebody is worthy of love. We’ve disrupted the organic flow in the web of life, leaving harm and destruction in our wake.

The ancient ways of Ka Ta See offer us a pathway to find our way back home ~ to our Songs, to our hearts, to our intimate connectedness, to our unique purpose and passions for being alive, here and now, on the earth.

When you are centered in your Song, living in balance from the heart, this energetic vibration fills your entire being and radiates out beyond you. Your balance touches others, nearby and faraway, amplifying the presence of balance on the earth. Each moment, every hour, any day spent in balance generates a powerful momentum for building a harmonious life and a thriving world.

I’ve been immersed in learning, living, and teaching the ways of Ka Ta See for the past 16 years. Somewhere along the way, I realized the nagging fears that had haunted me for much of my life were no longer rumbling around in my mind: the fear that I’d never really fully live, that I’d never fully love.

The transformation of these fears didn’t come about because I went on an epic travel adventure or won the lottery or finally met the man of my dreams. Rather, this shift happened on the inside. I found my way back home to myself, unlearning the judgments and false beliefs I’d been carrying around for so long. I rediscovered my Song, began reweaving my wholeness, and flourished in my connectedness with life. That haunting feeling that something was missing was left behind.

Balance is a dynamic dance, always unfolding, filled with endings and beginnings, with limitless learning and great mystery, with diverse interactions and transformations. There is always more to explore and discover about ourselves and one another, about our earth and the spirit world, about life.

It takes that first step to open the doorway to new potentials and possibilities in your life – to rediscover your Song, to find your balance, to live fully in the passion of being alive. I would love to walk side by side with you as you find your way back home.

Feel free to be in touch to begin a conversation about what you are seeking and the guidance I can share. I look forward to hearing from you. Send an email to me personally at: joanne@pathwaysforhealing.net

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