Your Song

Your Song

You are the only you in the universe.

Take a moment to stop and breath and soak that in.

You are the only you in the entire universe…always have been, always will be…the enduring vibration of your Song.

This awareness is quite contrary to the predominant ways of the world. We are expected to conform. We are socialized to fit in, to become something other than who and what we really are. We go into hiding. We bury our gifts. We silence our passions and purposes in life. We leave ourselves behind in order to gain others’ approval, to keep the peace, to feel like we belong.

We’ve learned to live in ways that go against nature, even our very own nature, and resist the organic flow of life. Humans are the only species I’ve met so far who battle and judge our own bodies, minds, hearts and spirits – and those of others. We try hard to pretend we are not who we really are and end up expecting others to do the same.

You are the only you. Feel into the beauty of remembering your uniqueness, your wholeness, the vastness of your knowledge and lived experience.

Appreciating your self. Loving who you, all of who you really are. Honoring your own existence on the earth at this particular moment in time. Respecting the ways you’ve chosen to walk the path of your life, learning and changing, facing challenges, regaining balance, following your purpose and passions.

All of this grows from the inside out – remembering and reclaiming and feeling your unique beingness, your vastness, your beauty, your Song. When rooted in the remembering of your genuine self, the doorway opens to connect heart to heart, Song to Song, respect to respect, with everyone and everything.

Centered in your own Song, there is no judgment of self or others. You can sense and appreciate the unique Songs of other humans, of a particular tree and river, of the bugs, birds and ocean-dwellers, of the soils and lizards, the air and clouds, the planets, nebulas, and stars.

Being who you are, remembering and living and sharing your Song, is a gift beyond measure, a boundless sharing of love and acceptance that has no conditions – for yourself, for others, for all life.

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