Words as Sacred Medicine

Words as Sacred Medicine

Ka Ta See is a medicine storytelling tradition. Inside this ancient and enduring way of life lives the understanding of the healing power of words.

Words are a form of communication that we generate with our breath, with the very breath of life. Like whales singing. Elephants trumpeting. Coyotes howling. Owls calling into the night.

Our words flow in waves of energy. Our words are infused with the vibration of our own creation. The energy in our words begins on the inside and radiates out. This is one of the ways, throughout every day, that we are co-creating life, relationships, and our world.

The words we engage with (speaking, writing, reading, thinking) shape how we feel in our inner worlds and what we contribute along the fibers in the web of life. We’re not only touching the person we’re speaking with or thinking about, or the place or experience we’re remembering. We touch all life, nearby and far away, with the energies carried in the vibrations of our words.

Our human-made world is flooded with harsh, harming words and warring debates that we readily have access to, that we’re affected by, that we’re addicted to, and that we may be contributing to.

Imagine a world in which words are honored as sacred. In which we understand our power to use words as medicine. Healing medicine. Purposeful. Intentional. Aware of the effect.

Words have the power to evoke awakening, for us to see and be seen. Words have the medicine of inspiring rejuvenation, weaving collaboration, exploring diverse perspectives, knitting together broken fibers, generating integrity, creating love in relationships, expressing genuine emotions, delving deeper into questions, and seeking understanding.

Each of us has the power to reclaim the sacred medicines of our own words. This is a natural human gift.

Honoring words as sacred medicine begins on the inside…

What words do you use to talk to yourself? About yourself? About others? About current or past life circumstances? About your dreams? About life itself?

What are the words you choose to speak or write? What are you sharing? What is the purpose? Have you considered the rippling effect?

Honoring words as sacred medicine then expands beyond…

Imagine the world we’ll have when we stop arguing and debating, when we no longer chop life apart into hierarchies of better-than and less-than, into the “good guys” and the “bad guys.”

Imagine the world we’ll live in when we’re not using words to do harm in order to feel “powerful,” “right,” and “in control.”

What will we talk about?

What thoughts will occupy our minds, bodies and hearts?

How much more quiet, stillness, listening, observing might there be?

What questions will we ask?

What innovative conversations will we have?

What new territories will we explore together?

What new words will we conjure up?

Words as sacred medicine…explore the potentials of bringing this alive in the everyday moments of your everyday life.

Share your stories and discoveries. We’re in this together.



7 Responses to Words as Sacred Medicine

  1. Dear JoAnne… Thank you for these tender and wise words… I have been finding myself very pained by many realities recently… Thank you for reminding us of the true power of dreaming through our words… Right now I’m facing new layers of conditionings within myself as well as sitting with the challenges of reading and writing about the painful stories of indigenous peoples here in Tasmania as a part of my studies… It’s reached a space where it’s too much to bear and I’m asking for a way through this experience… It’s a time for medicine … Thank you for these beautiful words… With Love and Thankfulness.

    • Thank you so much, Hannah, for sharing your experiences. These are the challenges we face to see/hear/know/experience oppression, great challenges and harm. And how can we find a way to not continue the pattern? I appreciate and honor your process. Please continue to share. We are finding our way together.
      Heart to Heart,

  2. Many years back I read a Russian study on “junk DNA” The short version is that there is 90+% of our DNA that science can not account a purpose for in our genome. It has been called junk DNA. The Russian researchers found some evidence that this DNA actually is the memory vehicle for everything we have spoken. In other words we are programming our DNA, the foundational creative principle of our life impulse, as we speak.

    • Thank you, Vicki, for sharing this – inspiring! The power we have as co-creators of life itself is such a beautiful gift to remember and reclaim.
      Song to Song,

  3. Dearest witness in Tasmania, you are TE very medicine itself you seek. By being a witness and a scribe for these sisters and brothers, aunties , uncle’s and grands, you open a gateway for expressions. As they cantor to you some of the entrancement becomes lifted, dissolved, leaving then a new inroad to the center of things where the living system that is can then reflect upon it’s own story a d then decide if it is time for a change. Witnessing is powerful medicine you’ve entered into a sacred space where now amplified new dreaming may flourish.

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