Wisdom of the Winged Ones

Wisdom of the Winged Ones

During springtime a few years ago, I was entirely enchanted by witnessing three different feathered families nurture the birthing of new life. Join me in the magic…

The nest is a sacred space constructed with pure focus and intent. The materials are gathered up, purposefully selected, and woven together in a unique and precise design. An organic sanctuary. A family home. A vessel to welcome and protect the new generation.

The eggs are laid and the nesting begins.

The elders’ presence, love and care nurture the transformations taking place inside a world unseen.

The growth inside the egg is guided by the ancient blueprint passed on through the lineage over time.

The warmth of the bird’s body, the information and energy being exchanged, nourish the promise of the continuance of life.


Then following their inner guidance, the baby birds make their way out of the eggs. With tender bodies and great tenacity, the little ones take the protective eggshell apart. The baby birds leave behind the entire universe they have known.


Timing and pace are different for everyone.

And not all life potentials come into physical existence.



There’s companionship in their journeys of growth and transformation. Day by day, the little ones come more fully into themselves, singing out, opening their wings, hungrily feeding.








And soon there comes a day when the callings to fly simply can not be ignored. Even when others aren’t ready. Some stay nestled inside, listening, watching, readying for their moment to take flight.









After a bold and beautiful leap from the nest, becoming airborne with the power of her own wings, she touches down for a soft landing on the earth. Finding her grounding in this wild new world, she lifts up again to fly.

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  1. Beautiful! A weaving of Ka Ta See teachings into a sacred medicine story demonstrating the power of story. What a beautiful way to start my day. Thank you.

  2. As always, inspired by your sharings, Joanne. What delight to find this today in my mailbox

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