Wild Boar Medicine

Wild Boar Medicine

Wild Boar Medicine

What’s Most Delicious About Life for You?

The rescue of the Wild Boar soccer team from the cave in Thailand captured my attention. I don’t tend to engage with much mass media, but this unfolding story caught hold of my heart.

Such unrelenting care for the children. The ingenuity and perseverance in navigating the rescue. Finding the way beyond all perceived limitations. The awareness of the relationships between humans and the natural elements of our earth. The ceremonies taking place on the land.

This is love. This is us ~ the truth of our humanness. The valuing of one another and life itself. The immense creativity and collaboration. The outpouring of attention and giving of time and energy in a passionate, purposeful pursuit. The quest, against all odds, to support the continuance of life.

I’m deeply inspired. And here’s my dream ~ to keep remembering and living this. In my life. In our lives, the vast diverse us-ness of humanity. To awaken and remember who we really are. Not just in crisis situations. In the everyday moments of our everyday lives.

In celebration of our awakening human hearts, I’d love to share with you the gifts that Wild Boar brings to the ceremonial healing art, Throwing of the Bones.

Please share your thoughts and inspirations!

Wild Boar Medicine: What's Most Delicious about Life for You? from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.

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