Where Do We Go from Here?

Where Do We Go from Here?

Where do we go from here?

How do we make changes that move us in the direction of peace, harmony, love and well-being?

Listen to these brief clips from ceremony and soak in the healing guidance from the spirits…

Medicine of the Butterfly – Taking Flight into the New

Butterfly Medicine: Empowering Change from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.

Medicine of the Elephants – Open Wide Our Embrace

Elephant Medicine – Open Wide Our Embrace from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.


2 Responses to Where Do We Go from Here?

  1. This was very powerful for me Joanne. Sometimes I feel my heart rippling out to the world and I get afraid that I am losing my boundaries and sometimes I question what I am putting out there which causes me to look at the places in myself that I do not love, places that I need to allow my love to ripple into so that I am able to see my original innocence and goodness. Thank you.

  2. What a deeply healing process…to share love and then reflect, finding those places within that are seeking healing, the awakening that is readying inside you. That is the dance of coming to know what love really is. Thank you for the gifts you share.
    Heart to Heart,

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