When Women Hold the Center

Reweaving Balance in Our Lives and in Our World

This is our moment to re-member and awaken the Heart of the Feminine within us, in our lives, in all our relationships.

When women hold their center, rooted in their Song ~ when the feminine is honored and honoring, loved and loving without conditions ~ our inner and outer worlds are woven naturally with interconnection, creativity, nourishment, balance, passionate aliveness, peace, and harmony.

Untangle from old patterns of feeling not-enough or too-much, trying to fit in, battling against your body, silencing your voice, caring for others at the expense of yourself, squelching your purpose, passions, and unique gifts.

With every step you take living centered in your heart, you are building a heart-centered world.

Personal Sessions: Ceremonial Healing & Mentoring

4-hour bundle of sessions, including a personal Bone Throw Ceremony, to remember the callings of your heart, to live rooted in the honoring of the feminine, to let go of what no longer belongs, and clarify your dreams and next steps in your path.

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When Women Hold the Center

Unleashing Love

A Gift For You!

A Gift For You!

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