What’s the Legacy You’re Leaving?

What’s the Legacy You’re Leaving?

When Osprey came into my life as a spirit guide, this magnificent river hawk kept asking me: What’s the legacy you’re leaving behind?

Osprey wasn’t talking about physical things – money, heirlooms, property – to be distributed after death. Judgments are often made about people’s worth at the time of their death and the value of their lives. Great importance is placed on the external and physical – what’s seen, accumulated, countable – while devaluing the energetic and internal. We’ve made up complicated laws, taxes, and courts which hold positions of power-over authority. There are winners and losers. Family feuds. Evaluations of who’s worthy of receiving something or not.

From the spirit’s perspective, we’re not understanding the whole of our legacy. We dismiss the riches of our inner worlds, the preciousness of the hard-to-hold-onto here and now, and the rippling effect we’re having. We’ve forgotten our influence as co-creators, as weavers of the web of life.

Osprey wants us to know: We’re leaving a legacy with every moment of our lives.

Though I’ve only crossed paths with Osprey in the wild a few times, the medicine of Osprey has flown directly into my life. Osprey’s question echoes through my mind, whispering in the winds and calling to my attention, in ordinary moments and unexpected circumstances.

I find myself asking what Osprey asked me: What’s the legacy I’m leaving behind?

…with the thoughts running through my mind;
…with how I’m feeling about myself, about others, about the news, about the future or the past;
…in how I’m relating with someone I just met;
…in conversations with friends, family, neighbors, clients;
…with choices I’m making about food, words, time, health, money;
…in how I’m finding my way through challenges and transitions;
…in how I’m in relationship with trees, rivers, land, birds, humans, ancestral spirits, and all those beings who I’ve never met.

Osprey’s question about my legacy calls me to pause, reflect, and take a closer look: How, in this moment, am I touching all life?

With fear?
With judgment?
With loving acceptance?
With stress and resentment?
With curiosity?
With awareness of connection and natural cycles?
With nourishment?
With shoulds?
With respect for uniqueness?
With acquiescing and giving in?
With lies?
With genuineness?
With humor and delight?
With appreciation and gratitude?

What, in this moment, am I weaving into the web of life? How am I giving and receiving? What are the patterns, the emotional and energetic imprints, the footprints and pathways, the potentials and possibilities that I’m sharing?

Is this something I want to continue? Is this the world I really want to create? Or is there something else that would be more in keeping with my purpose, my passions, my dreams, my heart?

Because the legacy I’m leaving is what I’m living right now.

Osprey calls us to remember our legacy is a choice we are making every minute. There’s interaction and relationship, giving and receiving, not just a one-way exchange.

How we are being – who we are being – weaves the world in the now and for the generations to come. And whatever is given and received physically after death is just icing on the (chocolate) cake.

Invite the medicine of Osprey into your life. Explore the universe of possibilities in this sacred quest: What’s the legacy you’re leaving behind – now? today?

And remember you have the power to choose.


2 Responses to What’s the Legacy You’re Leaving?

  1. Oh, what a precious and delicate reminder of our choice – with each person, in each moment…with the earth and all of life. It’s creatures, the sun and the moon. What energies are we reflecting out into the consciousness of life. Thank you, from deep down in my heart, for your brilliance and poignant words that bring life into the question. Bless your heart for being here.
    With love 💕🕊❤️,

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