Whaddya’ Thinking?

Whaddya’ Thinking?

Whaddya’ Thinking?

Our thoughts are powerful things. They’re alive, actually. Thoughts are streams of energy which get shaped by our beliefs, by our words. What we think has a resounding effect in our inner world, filling our minds, bodies and spirits with particular energies, emotions, responses and reactions.

Ancient teachings in diverse traditions describe how our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts create our reality – that’s quite something to think about.

Many years ago when immersed in my dissertation, I woke up each morning thinking: “Ugh, this project still is not done.” The repeating tape in my mind generated a whirlpool of discouragement. Although it was made up of a few simple words, this thought had the power to color my world with self-doubts, dread and frustration. What a way to start the day!

So whaddya’ thinking? We tend to direct this question toward others. Yet pathways to freedom really open up when we ask this question of ourselves. And answer honestly.

What exactly are the ideas moving around in your mind? What beliefs and emotions are carried along in the stream of your thoughts? What energy lives in the words you speak outloud?

If you follow the train of thought, you’ll discover where your thinking is actually taking you. Is this is really where you want to go? Is this really who you are and how you want to be? With every thought you think, what are you bringing alive inside you and radiating out into the world?

Your thoughts create your reality. What’s so beautiful and incredibly empowering about that is this: you can choose. You can choose what you think in any moment. And with this choosing, you shape the world.

The power of thought can be used to intentionally manifest what you want. With ease. It feels like magic. That’s what I learned a few years ago while out searching for Sage, a ceremonial plant.

(excerpt from UnLeashing Love):

I’m-looking-for-Sage became a silent chant, a drumbeat setting the rhythm for my explorations around the land.

I found feathers. I listened to the ravens and watched turkey vultures coast and shared quiet companionship with rabbits and deer. I welcomed the sight of the ancient crumbling rocks, feeling embraced by the presence of my old friends. But the sage was nowhere to be found.

Late in the afternoon, beginning the hike back to my car, my mind got consumed by distracting chatter. Had I come all this way only to return home empty-handed? Why hadn’t I talked with an expert who really knows something about plants? Am I just wandering around following my heart and aimlessly getting off-track?

Slowed by depleting tugs of doubt and disappointment, I stopped and stood still in the middle of the path. I breathed in the pines. I felt the earth beneath my feet. I remembered what I had come there to do.

“I’m searching for Sage,” I said out loud to the trees.

“And Sage is searching for me,” I said with a smile, playing around.

I really loved the feeling of the possibility I’d just found. I’m looking for Sage and Sage is looking for me. Instinctively we now were joined in the hunt, both seeking and searching, reaching out to meet up.

I walked on through the meadow with renewed curiosity and intent. Something lying on the ground near a tree caught my attention. I leaned in to take a closer look at the collection of bones bleached white by the sun and nestled in the earth. And there beside the bones, right next to my foot, was a sage plant.

Sage taught me something essential about manifesting. It’s a mutual thing. It’s embodied in connection. It’s an intimate weaving of the choice and intent of everyone and everything involved.

What we seek we will find when we know (without a doubt) that it too is seeking us – be it a plant or a friend or abundance or love.

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Manaole U Manaole,

from my heart to the heart of mother earth to your heart,

JoAnne Dodgson

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